Los Angeles is the capital of California State, USA. It is the second most populous city of United States. It is located in the Southern region of California. The city has both flat areas and hills with Mount Lukens standing asthe highest point of the city. The Los AngelesRiver is the drainage centerof the city. This river was straightened to provide flood control to the city. Due to diverse habitats like mountains, beaches and wetlands, Los Angeles is flowingwith flora and fauna. Plants, trees and flowers are in abundance in the city. The important plants are California poppy, matilija poppy, toyon, Coast Live Oak, and Giant Wildrye.The climate of Los Angeles is Subtropical Mediterranean. The city receives a lot of sunshine all around the year with the average temperatures ranging from 17C to 24C. The highest temperature reaches to 32C in monthsof August and September; however the temperature swings are common in Los Angeles. The city receives average rainfall during summers but thunderstorms and heavy rain showers during winters.

The hills and mountains receive more rainfall than coastal areas. Sometimes hilly areas of the city also receive snow but the lower parts receive very rare snowfall. The highest temperature ever taken in Los Angeles was 45C in summer and lowest was -4C in winter.Los Angeles is stretched on a large area and is divided into 80 districts for administration. The city is generally divided into Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Northeast Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, the Harbor Area, Hollywood, Wilshire, the Westside and the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys.The city abounds with historical places, museums, galleries and landmarks and is a popular tourist destination. The city harborsaround 841 museums and galleries making it the city with largest numberof museums in the whole world. The famous museums are Los Angeles County Museumof Art, Getty Center and Museum of Contemporary Art.

The city’s architectural splendorsinclude diverse buildings like Walt Disney Concert Hall,Kodak theatre, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles City Hall, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Capitol Records Building and the number is endless.The culture of Los Angeles is its biggest attraction. The city is coinedthe name of Creative Capitalof the world for its artistic endeavors. Out of six of its residents, one works in the artistic field of creativity. The city is home to thousands of artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors, dancers and writers. The cultural identity of the city lies in its performing art because of the popular Hollywood district present in the heart of the city. The city hosts Annual Academy or Oscar awards which makes it the focus of the glamour and glitter of the world. The cinema is enhanced by hundreds of performing art institutions residing in the city growing the seeds of next generation artists into fully grown plants. No other city in the world holds the prestige of being the most creative city of the world than Los Angeles.

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