Have you taken the Love Language quiz? We hope so! This article will be quick, really to just get you straight to your work:

Define what you want your love relationships to look like. Write a separate definition for the top 3-5 relationships in your life. This definition cannot be a “what it looks like now” definition. We want you to write your ideal scenarios.

Consider how you want to feel in the most perfect loving relationship with this person, including how you want to experience that based on your quiz results and your gut. Also consider your own output. Has anything you’ve learned lately altered how you will show your love to others? Remember, its a basic human need, so be sure to get clear on what you want this to look like from an inflow and outflow perspective.

Next, what are you willing to do about it? Spell out the behaviors that you are willing to commit to now in order to make this love happen on purpose.

Last, and most importantly in this category…. set the boundaries. What are you no longer willing to take? Even if, and especially if its family, you must consider when its time to stop allowing others to continually overstep your boundaries. If someone in your life is not loving you in the most beautiful way, stop giving them the authority. If they are doing anything but lifting you up, protecting you, and growing with you… its time to reconsider that relationship in your life. There’s a difference between “working at it” and continually setting yourself up for hurt or sadness. Know what that means, and give yourself the gift of space to love elsewhere if this applies in your life. Holding your hand now….

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Hugs, Love, and big cheers for you,
Aly & Andrea

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