In every household there is that eternal dilemma of style versus safety, and which should be chosen. In cases where there is a senior citizen at your house, or someone with physical handicap, however, safety is the factor that wins over all other. When we are young it is of no consequence if we slip and fall in the bathroom. We just get up, and tend to the wound or sprain with whatever first aid that is available at home. But the case is quite different when it comes to elder people. A fall in the bathroom could prove fatal and very very painful. That is the reason why you should choose a walk in tub which makes things much easier and comfortable in the bathroom. And when it is walk in tub and shower combination, then it is a matter of essential functionality combined with luxury.

Along with other appliances and customized home facilities Walk in tub and shower combination provide the senior in your life with the opportunity of increase the safety of living alone without sacrificing the freedom that one is so often forced to forgo. Normal bathrooms generally have floors which are smooth and once water falls on the floor they become slick and slippery which is a real bad news for people who are not so good with balance anymore. It is a known fact that with age you tend to loose the grip and strength, not to mention the balance, which makes you more prone to slips and falls, which could land you in hospital with a broken leg or a hip. This will not only involve pain, but also a hefty expenditure.

Another added danger is the fact that you have to cross a ledge while getting into the shower. Walk in tub and shower combination removes this ledge and make it easier to get into the shower without having to worry about lifting a leg to hazardous heights. This ledge itself makes it a dangerous and difficult proposition to get into the shower for a senior or anyone with a disability. It is very likely that if you are a senior citizen, then you will be forced to hold on to the wall or, worse, the shower door/curtain. This is the most likely place where you might slip and fall, especially when you mix that risky tactic with wet floors. So it is better to take a proactive approach and install a Walk in tub and shower combination.

The advantages of this kind of shower tub combination is that you can simply step into, or walk into the tub by opening a door that is attached at the side of the tub. Walk in tub and shower combination comes with a number of facilities and useful attachments, which makes it easy for anyone to get into the tub and enjoy the luxury of having a fully fledged bath with streaming jets of water soothing every cell of the body, which the shower provides. The shower can be a hand held one, which makes it much more easy to maneuver and hence this kind of tubs are adding to the experience of taking a bath, no matter what the age of a person is. These tubs are easy to install and can fit into big as well as small bathrooms.

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The author of this article Jeo Nash have been in the business of bathroom remodeling and have witnessed the growing demand for walk in tub and shower combination, which is gaining high popularity day by day.