"Our intention creates our reality." - Wayne Dyer

There are many excellent processes to assist us in applying the Law of Attraction to become more conscious creators. One of my favorites is the process of setting intentions, which I find to be one of the easiest and most powerful processes for manifesting our desires. When I heard about Lynne McTaggart's new book, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World, I was intrigued. Although I was already certain of the Magic of Intention, I thought that scientific support for why intention works might make me an even more masterful intender. Also, I love the title - The Intention Experiment - because, really, aren't we all engaged in our own personal intention experiment every day?

This book makes it clear that humanity has entered a new age - an age in which the scientific community recognizes that consciousness affects matter. Yay! For many of us, there is nothing really new here, but it's fun to see science confirming what we already know spiritually and empirically. McTaggart clarifies the science behind intention by citing scientific evidence that:

• a thought is an actual physical thing - a tangible energy - and every thought, every intention, every judgment has the power to take physical form.
• we're all connected. Random Event Generators (REGs) recorded that the world felt a collective shudder several hours before the first plane crash on 9/11, indicating a mass premonition. Yeah, we really are all one.
• mind affects its surroundings whether or not we are consciously sending an intention, therefore, to think is to affect.
• meditation produces permanent emotional improvement, tunes the brain to happiness, and heightens intuition.
• thought produces the same mental instructions as action. Athletes who do no physical exercise but only imagine their workouts can increase their muscle size and strength by over 13% in just a few weeks.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on athletes and the example of Muhammad Ali. Ali was a master of intention who used visualization, mental rehearsal and his enormously powerful affirmation - I am the greatest! - to become a world champion. As top athletes utilize mental rehearsal to gain a competitive edge, you can improve your health, enhance your performance in every area of your life and affect your future by conscious intention. As you set forth positive intentions, you focus Energy and magnetize the circumstances that will bring about the reality you desire. As you focus your thoughts intentionally, you are in creative control of your life.

In the process of identifying your desires and focusing the Energy of your thoughts, you are applying the Law of Attraction to attract what you do want rather than what you don't want (always the key to LOA).

The process of setting intentions is a powerful way to design and create your life in exact accord with your desires. It's a great idea to begin each day by setting positive intentions, for example - Today I intend and expect to:

• feel good and be filled with joy and appreciation.
• choose thoughts and experiences that please me.
• be a magnet for amazing prosperity, vibrant good health and fulfilling relationships.
• maintain a strong connection to Source Energy.
• uplift others.
• open, relax, breathe and draw in a continuous stream of Well-Being.

Science is providing evidence of the miraculous power you have to consciously create your life with your thoughts. As you employ the Magic of Intention, focusing on what you do want rather than what you don't want, you powerfully focus the Energy to magnetize into your life all that you desire.So, think big - knowing there is nothing you cannot be or do or have - and direct your life with the Magic of Intention.

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Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her two ebooks - Dining at the Cosmic Cafe, How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire as well as Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction - are designed to empower you to truly live the life of your dreams. To contact Coach Kate, check out her books, and subscribe to her free ezine, Magical Musings, visit Gold Star Coaching.