Hello Success Seeker,

Decided to re-invent yourself? Eager to re-script your story? Curious to find out what it is that makes the successful who they are? Then let’s dive in and discover the key to anybody’s success…

Yes. I am fully conscious when I use the word ‘anybody’s.

Because ask any successful person, and you’ll find this was the first thing they did to reinvent themselves and re-launch powerfully.

It’s ‘Personal Responsibility’!

Now imagine this: You’re on top of a strongly built horse, and wish to enjoy a thrilling ride. And suddenly, you notice your horse is being controlled by someone ‘else’. Which means you aren’t the one who has the reins. How would you feel within? Frustrated? Angry? I can hear you say, “Of course.” And the reason is obvious. You aren’t able to take control of your horse. Now listen! That’s your natural desire asking you to ‘TAKE CHARGE’!

How excited do you feel when you’re FREE to do anything you like?

That’s freedom from within!

The point is, freedom comes with a price tag. It’s PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

You are absolutely free to create what you want in life. When? The moment you take personal responsibility! For everything that has happened so far. And everything that is going to unfold in future.

I know you are thinking how you can take responsibility for all that has happened in life. It probably happened because it had to happen. Perhaps destined. If you are wondering how it’s going to help you design your future, sit back and pay attention!

First, the instant you take full responsibility for all that has happened in your life, you get rid of most emotions which hold you back - guilt, self-pity, and poor self esteem. Because the instant you say aloud in your mind, “I AM RESPONSIBLE” you declare total supremacy. You allow yourself to take up the reins of your life. You declare within that you are the ‘captain of your ship’. You declare within that you are the ‘master of your fate’. And that’s when you begin to exercise your right to choose. Think.

FACT: You have the right to choose what to do with each passing thought in your head. You have the right to choose the consequences of your action. Curious when? Right when you decide to ACT on your thought. But the tragedy is that most of us drift across life as mere spectators. If only we had employed our right to choose! Life would’ve been different.

How? Here’s how… The instant you take total responsibility you proclaim your right to choose. And you pass a subliminal command to your subconscious mind that you are going to decide what must happen hereafter. And that’s how you get rid of all the guilt for not having done what you should have and having done what you shouldn’t have. That’s it!

This is exactly what you need first to unshackle yourself from your binding past.

How does ‘taking responsibility’ help you create a bright future? Here’s how it helps… In much the same ways it help you get rid of negative emotions, it helps you experience positive emotions. You get excited about opportunities to explore than setbacks. You get excited about your right to make a choice in the present moment. You discover a way to build a newer version of yourself consciously. And more importantly, you no more are a puppet in the hands of fate. Rather, you are the creator of your fate.

The single most important thing you experience once you take ‘personal responsibility’ is the explosion of creative faculties of your mind. You awaken the skills and talents which were once dormant. And give free reins to your creative mind. In fact, you turn a co-creator!

Most of all you feel like an artist painting the picture of your own future. You choose what to paint, you choose what colors to splash on the canvas, and you have the picture in your mind much before you actually live it! Wow! Feel the power in your hands?.

Remember, freedom comes with a price tag – RESPONSIBILITY!

The very fact that you’ve decided to reinvent yourself is enough evidence you understand the importance of ‘taking responsibility’. Now all you need to do is convince your mind to take charge of all that you are going to create now onwards.

Hey listen! You deserve to be what you desire to be. So get back total supremacy over life. And I promise it’s going to be fun! Take Charge!

Author's Bio: 

Ranjan Kumar - Personal Reinvention Strategist was born on 1 May 1978 in Odisha, India. After his early exposure to a series of mystical and paranormal experiences he turned to alternative therapies to get attuned to finer forces. He eventually found his authentic passion and purpose – helping people find meaning.

Now he is a professional trainer, speaker and writer specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations on Personal Productivity, Personal Effectiveness, and Personal Transformation.

In 2015 he stood as the #1 Outstanding National Trainer for the NTTTS South Batch (India) 2015 at Trivandrum. His first book “The Communicator – Get the Mindset before the Techniques” is being used as a participant manual in his workshops on Communication Skills. His talks and seminars of Goals, Personal Responsibility, Meaningful Change, Success Psychology and Personal Development bring about instant inspiration and lasting results. His forthcoming books and products too are going to help you bounce forward and make meaning.

As you choose to follow him, share his work with your loved ones, right away. Because that’s the greatest gift you can give to someone you deeply care for – a chance to start over!