"Life from inside the Vortex is sublime." - Abraham-Hicks

Like many of you, I've been listening to Abraham-Hicks talk about getting in the Vortex for some time now and, perhaps like many of you, I've been wondering: What IS the Vortex?and How Do I Get In? These questions and more are addressed in their book, THE VORTEX Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. Read on and we'll pursue The Magic of The Vortex together.


The Vortex is defined as the "place" where everything you desire has already been lined up for you. It's referred to variously as The Vortex of Well-Being, The Vortex of Becoming, The Vortex of Attraction, and - my personal favorite - Your Swirling Vortex of Creation which contains everything you desire and everything you have become!

Here's how it works: Each time you have a desire, the Non-Physical part of you BECOMES the vibrational, expanded version of your request. Therefore, everything you have asked for already exists in vibrational reality. All your desires have already manifested vibrationally and are waiting for you in your Vortex.

Got a problem? Get in the Vortex where the solution is. Seeking inspiration? Get in the Vortex and be inspired. Have a desire for greater abundance, improved health, more joyful relationships? Get in the Vortex. In the Vortex, it is done, complete, already manifested.

Of course, it's OK to spend time outside the Vortex. In fact, being out of the Vortex inspires desire which launches more rockets of desire which are actualized in your Vortex. Vibrational reality always precedes physical reality.


Getting in the Vortex means aligning your physical perspective with the Non-Physical Source Energy part of you. Getting in the Vortex starts by accepting the existence of this vibrational reality, then doing your best to move in the direction of it.

To achieve the vibrational frequency of your Vortex:

Feel Your Way. The Vortex is a vibrational state of being that you feel your way into. Your emotions tell you whether you're inside or outside the Vortex. Feel your way in by reaching for the best feeling thoughts you can find in each moment. As you choose thoughts that feel better, you raise your vibration and move closer to the Vortex. When you raise your vibration up to Hope, that's the doorway to the Vortex and you're almost there.

Think Good-Feeling Thoughts. Make feeling good the most important thing and consistently direct your thoughts to what feels good. By thinking thoughts that feel good, you easily move into your Vortex where everything you desire is available to you.

Take Good-Feeling Actions. Do things that feel good, such as meditating, walking in nature, singing, dancing, yoga, interacting with like-minded friends, playing with your kids or pets, relaxing in a hot bath, giving or receiving a massage, appreciating a child, a flower, a sunset, etc.

Feel Appreciation. A primary key to getting in your Vortex is being in the state of appreciation. Focus on people and things you appreciate. And remember, please, the importance of appreciating yourself.

Seek Positive Aspects. Set your intention to seek positive aspects in everyone and everything. Continuously find the most positive circumstances in your life and consciously direct your attention there.

Tune Your Vibration. Tune yourself to the vibration of what it feels like to be living everything you desire now. Lean in the direction of that vibration and deliberately focus yourself there.

Bask. When you activate a good feeling, milk it for all it's worth. Stay in that good feeling and practice that high vibration by fully savoring each moment of bliss.

As you consciously decide to BE in the high-flying feeling of elation that is your Vortex of Creation, everything you desire becomes a physical reality. By choosing increasingly better-feeling thoughts, you are able to predominantly stay inside your Vortex.

Imagine the joy of being in the Vortex - feeling good, flying high and watching everything you desire unfold in the perfect way at the perfect time. It's all there waiting for you. Become a vibrational match to your swirling Vibrational Vortex of Creation and experience The Magic of The Vortex now.

Author's Bio: 

Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her two ebooks - Dining at the Cosmic Cafe, How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire as well as Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction - are designed to empower you to truly live the life of your dreams. To contact Coach Kate, check out her books, and subscribe to her free ezine, Magical Musings, visit Gold Star Coaching.