Have ever wondered how your laptop or your inbox on your email could hold so much information? That is nothing compared to the capacity of your aura. Your aura holds your hopes and dreams and the probabilities of your future as well as the joys and sorrows and traumas of your past. It is a scrapbook of your emotions, dreams, life experiences and astral travels. Your aura will never leave you because it is the eternal container of you. You carry your colors and vibrations of your level of consciousness within it. Your aura is transparent and will be with you forever whether it is on the astral plane, such as when you dream or when you leave your body and this physical world. So raising the vibration of your aura will serve you forever.
A purely scientific explanation of the aura will be more like “an electrical magnetic field that surrounds all living things” or the “force that permeates all life”. This includes everything from the moon and the earth even to the smallest single cell or organism. But nothing compares to the Human Aura because of its potential, eternal nature and conscious awareness. It can directly affect our mental outlook on life, our physical energy levels and our feeling of self worth.
As a devout catholic until the age of forty, I always wondered how we could be eternal, yet only begin to exist at the moment of conception. Even as a child, I felt we must have existed before birth and knew with no uncertainty that our consciousness survives forever or until we are rejoined with the Godhead in some way. I realize I am still in the minority in my thinking but having photographed over ten thousand auras and seen in photos some of the most astounding things such as depressed emotions, energy levels and emotional blockages.
I know that years from now I will know more and as my truth grows it will grow in direct proportion to my awareness and spiritual growth; as is for each of us. It is important to learn to care for this eternal part of us – our aura. It requires a little upkeep and attention.
On a physical level the aura is greatly affected by Reiki, prayer meditation and yoga. The aura can be cleaned with a bath of baking soda and mineral salt, sea salt or Epson salt. Singing, dancing and laughing are also key to the aura upkeep. Sage, essential oils, sound, kundalini yoga and visualization are the tools used to maintain a clean aura however the really important ingredient for a healthy aura is positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
Learning to clear out heavy stuffed emotions and negative beliefs that no longer serve us is the most important technique we can learn. Drugs, alcohol and unhealthy food also affect the aura but the addictive emotions of grief, self loathing, blame and fear do far more damage to the aura. The fear of an illness can be seen in the aura long before it’s manifestation in the physical body. Scientists call it markers in the DNA. They are on the right track but we, as the keepers of our destiny, have much more power than our current beliefs can imagine.
A strong clean aura will assist the immune system in keeping you young and healthy. Claim that power, clean your aura and remember who you truly are. You are “Love Incarnate” and we are all one.

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Regina Murphy, L.M.T. is An Approved Provider for NCBTMB and Founder of Emotional sound Techmiques and Harmonic Massage. She is a photgraphic mediun and aura phtographer, Author and Speaker