Osteoporosis bascially refers to bone loss because of which you feel weak and get tired easily. In this condition, the bones become brittle and fragile and the risk of cracks or breaks incresaes considerably. Such loss takes place when bone resorption exceeds its formation. This can happen because of many factors out of which the most obvious one is age. It is something which you don’t have any control over.

Addition of new bones happens mostly during your childhood days and teenage years. It is at this time that bones become heavier, larger and denser or, to put it simply, stronger. This process continues till the peak of strength and solidness is reached. This is usually around the age of 30. Once you cross 30, Kemik Erimesi becomes more prominent so that you develop osteoporosis. It usually occurs after menopause in women and continues till old age. A lot of factors can be attributed to it such as lack of exercise, smoking habits, not having enough calcium in diet and intake of strong medicines like corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are prescribed by doctors for many diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel problems, asthma, lupus etc. If this medication is taken for a long period of time, it can cause osteoporosis.

Though it is more common in women, it does not imply men are immune to it. They are at equal risk. The only difference is that the phenomenon of bone loss starts taking place at a later stage in men compared to that in women. In case of men, the high-risk age is around 65. The causes of bone loss for men can be varied ranging from small body structure to low sex hormone or testosterone and prolonged use of medications like corticosteroids.

Since this condition can affect your life significantly, it is important to take preventive measures in advance so that its onslaught can be avoided or the risk lessened. Though there are many kemik erimesi tedavisi options, prevention is always better than cure. Let us have a look at some effective methods of osteoporosis prevention:

A Diet Rich in Calcium: Your diet has to include a high percentage of calcium in order to be in the safe zone. If your body does not get the required amount of calcium, it will automatically lead to quick bone loss. Here are some calcium-rich food options:

Dairy products that is low on fat such as yogurt, milk, ice cream and cheese

Dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and collard greens

Salmon, sardines, almonds, tofu, orange juice, breads and cereals

Vitamin D: Your body should have sufficient vitamin D for calcium absorption from your diet. Otherwise, it is left with no choice but to take it from the bones thereby contributing to kemik erimesi and bone loss. Some of the sources of vitamin D include fortified dairy products, saltwater fish, liver and egg yolks.

Exercises: If you exercise regularly, you can lessen the risk of developing osteoporosis considerably. Weight-bearing exercises are the best in this case especially those that defy gravity. Whole body vibration is also very effective in this regard.

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