Gone are the days when private houses were the primary choice of people in the lookout for the perfect luxurious living conditions. The current trend comprises of condominiums in some of the finest cities in the world. That, however, does not mean that private houses are no longer in demand, although their popularity seems to be on a steady decline. In fact, current real estate trends suggest that investments on condominiums are likely to be more profitable in the long run, and this has also contributed to the decline.

Now, if the calculations of profits on investments and the current real estate trends are to be kept aside, condominiums can provide a greatly luxurious living to people. In fact, there are a large number of advantages of living in condominiums, some of which are not available to people living in houses. After all, condominiums are supposed to offer far more luxurious and comfortable living conditions than houses. Therefore, it is important to be fairly acquainted with the advantages of living in condominiums before purchasing one. This will greatly help the owner to organize their expectations perfectly.

The advantages of living in a condominium

• A condominium acts as the perfect real estate investment. Provided that the economic conditions are right, or even stable, investors can make large sums of profits without even having to make any major improvements. No wonder, condominiums have become investors’ favourite.
• Living in condominiums also allows a person with the same tax advantages that would be available to them if they were living in residential homes. This means that the cost of living in condominiums would be almost similar, if not less, than that of living in houses.
• There is a substantial reduction in the number of house management activities when living in condominiums rather than in private houses. Activities such as the maintenance of the building, organizing the grass or garden, cleaning of the pool, etc. These are maintained by separate personnel that are particularly hired for the purpose.
• Added security is another beneficial factor of living in a condominium near Bartley MRT. Since a condominium is housed within a building along with several others, people have to come in through the main entrance before they can access the main door of a condominium. The main entrance is often guarded by security personnel to keep intruders out, thus provided extra security.
• Living in condominiums also offers the social advantage of being able to live in close proximity of neighbours. This not only allows an owner to socialize with other people, but also be sure of the safety of their property when not around for a long time.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other benefits of living in a condominium. There is, however, a need to carefully inspect the property before purchasing a condominium in botanique at Bartley. This will help owners to invest in a property that would be most profitable, and would also provide to all the necessities that the owner might have.

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Maryann Wilson working in real estate industry from last 10 years, she involved with various Singapore property. Here she describe about the new launch condos like: Botanique at Bartley , condominium near Bartley MRT etc.