“Love is More than Caring for Someone—It’s a Lot More”

When people think of Love they think of romantic Love. But there is much more to Love than meets the eye, in fact much more. Here are a few aspects of Love that most people take for granted.

Love is Contentment—How can anyone be Loving if they are not content within their heart? It’s not possible. There must be satisfaction in the heart before Love can brew and explode from the heart.

Love is Powerful—How can anyone be Loving if they are not powerful? Love means we sometimes have to do that which is not popular in the eyes of others. That means those who are Loving, do things, and stand for things that are outside the realm of understanding of those who don’t care. Love at times may be very unpopular. But being unpopular doesn’t matter, because Love is powerful and always does what’s right… even when people scoff and taunt.

Love is Peaceful—How can anyone be Loving if they are not peaceful to begin with? Again it’s not possible. So as a prelude to Love there must first be peace within a person’s heart and then Love can grow.

Love is Merciful—How can anyone be Loving if they are not able to give mercy to those around them? Without mercy how can we Love the one we see in the mirror? Most people are their own worst critics, and because of that need their own mercy in order to allow Love to grow and prosper in their heart.

Love is Full of Wisdom—How can anyone be Loving if their mind is full of frivolous things that are not important? It takes good judgement to be Loving and kind. Understand ourselves and everyone else is important to having a Loving heart.

Love is Full of Equanimity—How can anyone be Loving if they’re always caught up in the emotions and drama of life? It’s not possible. Those who are Loving see the world and what’s going on around them, but they don’t react to all the trappings of emotion that most people get caught up in. They stay separate, yet feel deeply and understand the plight of others.

Love is Unselfish—How can anyone be Loving if they think only of themselves? A person with a Loving heart cares for himself but also cares for all those around him. In fact a person with a Loving heart does not distinguish himself from others, he sees himself in everyone and Loves everyone as God.

Love is Virtuous—How can anyone be Loving if they are not full of virtue. Being a person of principles with a good heart allows a person to open their heart to Love. A Loving heart is noble and upstanding, thus always willing to do what is right… even when no one is looking.

Love Gives a Helping Hand—How can anyone be Loving if they don’t join in and help those around them. For Love helps those who are less fortunate and those who are suffering. A Loving person is willing to make a difference in the world and puts in more than words. They stand strong and help build a community with whatever resources they have.

Love is Kind—How can anyone be Loving if they are unkind? Hatred, anger, greed, and all the other examples of the opposite of Love cannot reside in the heart at the same time as Love. Thus Love is always Kind.

Love can Only Be Unconditional Love—How can Love spring eternal if Love needs the actions of others to be a certain way in order to Love them? True Love does not judge, it allows everyone to be themselves and grow according to their own Divine plan. Thus the truly Loving person Loves everyone just because they exist.

Love Does Not Run Away—Love stands tall and does not run away when things get tough. How can anyone be Loving if they run away when the chips are down? Even when everything seems lost, Love stands tall and helps everyone through the crisis.

Love is Supportive—Love is supportive of others. Those around a Loving person thrive because they feel loved, and thus move forward with their own lives.

Love is—Most of all Love exists just because Love can exist. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. And like many other forces in the Universe Love cannot be destroyed. Love may change for a moment, but sooner or later Love comes back ready to Love again.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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