Gone are those days when a person had to climb in and out of a bathtub with the advent of a new kind of spa tubs. These are walk in spa tubs which are also known as safety step walk in tub. These kind of spa tubs are especially suitable for the elderly, or for those with some kind of physical disability. With these kind of spa tubs, a person can walk into them rather than climb onto them. Doors that can be opened inward or outward are the main security feature of these spas, and it reduces the chances of slipping and falling to a great deal. These tubs are literally walk in tubs where a person can simply walk into the tub.

For senior citizens and disabled people who are unable to climb in and out of tubs, these safety step walk in tubs are the ideal solution. The caregivers can also heave a sigh of relief because these tubs make their work more easy and less dangerous. easy control of water temperature and easy access to the shower are the two main features which are especially helpful to the elderly, and disabled people. Jacuzzi style water jets that are suited for therapeutic use on the elderly and the handicapped are also a special feature with these tubs. The slip resistant surface of these tub makes bathing totally safe, as there are also the provisions of with rails to hold on to, ergonomic handles and knobs, and even adjustable doors.

safety step walk in tubs are available both online and in shops. More and more house owners are installing them both for therapeutic reasons as well as for medical purposes. Also, they now make a style statement to any kind of bathroom as it is easy to install them, and adds to the aesthetic value of the most private room of any house, the restroom. They can be used by those who enjoy the lavishness of having a stress-free dip in the tub without any concern about safety.

Depending on the additional features that come with it, the costs of the tubs vary. But as with all specialized products, safety step walk in tubs have some basic and essential safety features of a walk in tub product:
Walk in tubs are tubs equipped with Low Threshold Door so that the physically weak will have no trouble stepping in and out of the bathtub.

These tubs should come with effortless Locking Mechanism. Closing and locking of the tub door should be easy which should require minimum grip strength for the effort. It must not involve the risk of twisting.
Walk in tubs must be equipped with built in safety grab bars which is an essentially fixed handrail permanently built-in the walk in tub. It must be long and slender , and have enough strength to support the weight of the holder as well as design for easy gripping and should be strategically placed in the tub for easy access.

Apart from all the above mentioned features, the safety step walk in tubs should come with Contoured ADA compliant seat, built-in bath chair securely mounted at the head of the tub, textured tub seat, contoured floor design, all designed to avoid slipping and falling, or any kind of untoward accidents.

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The author of this article Justin Smith, have been involved in the interior and bathroom remodeling business for quite some years and have witnessed the growing demand for safety step walk in tubs amongst all homeowners.