There are a lot of benefits a person can enjoy when including Pilates as part of their regular exercise routine and that includes pregnant women doing pre natal brixton. It is popular around the world so here is a look at why all those people do it and the differences it makes to their lives.


  1. By doing Pilates regularly you can achieve a leaner body and build your endurance.
  2. It is a great way post-pregnancy to return to pre-pregnancy shape, improve your core muscles and strengthen muscle tone once again.
  3. The exercise helps to improve posture in those who need it as it has you more aware of your body and how you hold it.
  4. For a lot of people who experience back pain Pilates helps ease that pain especially if it is from weak muscle tone, a sedentary life or tight muscles. post natal brixton is good for pregnant women who often experience such back pain.
  5. Improve your flexibility and suppleness so you face fewer injuries, aches and pains from other physical activity or even general daily life.
  6. While it is not the fastest method, Pilates does help you lose weight while also helping to strengthen and tone. Along with a balanced diet and perhaps a couple of cardio focussed workouts you can get great results.
  7. Doing Pilates with a resistance band or weights improves bone density and strength.
  8. Women have found that Pilates helps with pain and cramps when menstruating so they are relying less on over-the-counter pain medications.
  9. It is not just physical activity it helps clear the mind too and with things like stress or anxiety.
  10. For people with issues of balance and coordination loss Pilates is a good way to recover some of that. Seniors for example can benefit from including it in their routine.
  11. Pilates is found to leave people feeling energized even after a hard day. Pre natal Pilates can help pregnant women have more energy as they grow a small person inside them!
  12. After sessions, people feel a lot more relaxed and even light as if they had just visited a spa.
  13. As long as you do it properly, ideally with an instructor, it should not put stress on joints. If you have joint issues or injuries look for classes that focus on rehabilitation.
  14. People who do Pilates have found that one of the mental benefits is that their memory is improved. Do better in tests, at work and feel better mentally.
  15. Doing Pilates teaches you complete body control since no muscles are isolated and the whole body is exercised. There is no imbalance where certain muscle groups are over worked and others ignored.
  16. With better physical and mental health Pilates helps with overall mood improvement and sleep quality. Something pregnant women attending prenatal Pilates will appreciate!
  17. Pilates also improves blood ciruclation which is good for your body and helps improve your skin’s health too.


As you can see, Pilates benefits anyone, from young to older, pregnant women, after pregnancy, already fit people, people looking to get started on a better life and more!




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Article panned by Lora Davis