Statistics show that a burglary occurs in the united states once every 15 seconds. Picking the lock is overall number one method intruders gain access to your home even if you might have forgotten to lock your doors and statistically that number is rising. Thankfully, you can find options other than key locks to keep you and your family safe. Biometric security is a security system that recognizes people by certain physical or behavioral characteristics that separate them from any other person in the world. Fingerprinting, hand print patterns, eye scanners and voice patterns is how biometric is revolutionizing security through the use of physical and behavioral traits.

When consider biometrics security, essentially the most inexpensive methods is using a fingerprint scanner. Since no other person will have a similar fingerprint, using your own fingerprint to gain access to your home or office, they are very accurate methods of security. These types of systems can let you easily press the scanner with your finger which is recognized every time although you should ensure hand are clean and free of any debris that could interfere with getting a proper reading. Scanners can be found also that can take into consideration the size and form of the finger itself, scan for blood or merely the fingerprint itself.

By scanning the form of your overall hand, hand print scanners can measure the hand using the shape but compare fingerprints in addition. While people could have identical looking hands, these scanners differentiate between shape and sizes. Like fingerprint locks, for the best results, make sure your hands are clean before placing them on the scanner to ensure that there are no errors when reading your palm.

Using the sound of your voice is the one other option in biometric systems that can recognize the difference between people through the sound every person makes. A safe and secure way to keep your home safe, it will come as no surprise that voice locks are an easy approach to ensure you family and home is always protected from predators. Even identical twins have slight variations in their voices the scanners are able to differentiate between. Should your security system be unable to recognize your voice, say for instance you have a cold or allergies, a backup method will be recommended for you when your voice is not normal.

Television or movie thrillers have used eye scanners many of us have noticed. You may be thinking that these are too high tech for your home; but these are a great option. A good way to secure your home is the use of eye scanners as like fingerprints, no eye will be the same in any man or women. Unlike fingerprint or hand print scanners, these are very precise because your not having to worry about things obstructing the scan like dirt or debris. These tend to be more expensive, but may be worth it if you want to feel extra secure. As you can see, biometric security offers a variety of secure options to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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