Vitamin A is the bad ass that works for you always. You may not notice it but this nutrient gives you the best vision unlike others, the greatest skin you will ever have, the strongest immune system that you will ever get and the reproductive system will ever have.

Not joking!

Are you squinting too much? Do you look older? Do you look sickly? Do you know why?

It is because you do not have enough vitamin A!

This healthy nutrient can easily be obtained by devouring the liver of animals such as chicken, beef and fish. Cook the liver first.

Yellow fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin A. Examples are papayas, apricots, mangoes and carrots. Eggs are also a good source of this vitamin.

Yes eat your vegetables!

There are also artificial means of getting vitamin A.

You can take them but please do so with caution.

I told you the benefits of this vitamin but be wary because too much of everything will kill you.

Yes, even too much of this great vitamin will kill you.

It will turn you into orange. Yes, you will look like a carrot. It is a disease and it is called carotenodermia. Being orange will not get you killed, but you will be the laughing stock of your town. I can guarantee it.

If being orange will not scare you from having vitamin A overdose then perhaps lung cancer will.

Taking too much of beta carotene will cause you to have lung cancer.

It is not bad to take vitamin supplements to substitute for the natural things. But if you are really going to use one, please consult the “Recommended Daily Dietary Allowance” chart and ask advice from an expert. It will be worth the time and the future hospitalization expenses.

It is also important to take not that vitamin A is not a miracle worker.

Yes, you can have that superman like vision and that wrinkle free skin if you take proper amounts of vitamin A. But it will not happen overnight. It will also not make your skin as hard as steel and your immune system bullet proof.

Vitamin A is healthy. Make sure to take right amounts of it. Watch out for overdose.

Also make sure that you have attainable goals, vitamin A can do so much but not everything.

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Dodong Canyon is a blogger. His blog mainly focuses on Philippine Food.