One of the most significant and essential assets of any business, no matter the industry, is its employees. And as anyone working in the Human Resources world will tell you, managing employees is no mean task. Starting from ensuring that you hire qualified staff and facilitating their accommodation in the organization. And, for keeping them engaged throughout their employment with the company and maintaining high levels of productivity — there’s much the HR department has to take care of every single day. Now, given what the job entails, it isn’t hard to see why it would be deemed overwhelming — at least to some degree.

It is why HR departments then turn to modern tools and resources to assist them in their endeavors. Of course, there is an abundance of options in the market that promise to help companies manage HR effectively. And yet, despite the plethora of choices at hand, a majority of companies turn to SharePoint. Even though it is basically a content services platform, SharePoint provides ample features and functionalities that enable companies that, among other things, boost productivity as well as automate tasks related to hiring, procedures, and policies. To help you gain a better understanding of its capabilities, we have listed some of the many ways in which SharePoint helps companies better manage their HR processes.

1. Automation of processes: An HR management system based on SharePoint gains the ability to document, amass, monitor, analyze, and share data in a substantially comfortable and effective manner. It does so by automating things like inputting, organizing, and locating data. And since the data is stored in a central database, it becomes that much easier to access and retrieve requisite data. Did we mention that SharePoint also helps automate reviews by merely creating a workflow? They can then be made accessible to the managers and other relevant stakeholders, as well.

2. Ease hiring: Hiring is not easy by any means; it requires a million things to be done before one can even get started and then there’s the entire bit where one has to shortlist resumes, reviewing applications, onboarding new hires, and so on and so forth. SharePoint helps take away the burden of this process by enabling the creation of a database of resumes. And when it comes to onboarding or even offboarding, SharePoint helps HR managers keep track of all the processes tasks, set up automated workflows, and more.

3. Collaboration: Of course, seamless collaboration is the bedrock of all processes, especially in HR. To that end, SharePoint offers multiple modules that help HR stay connected with employees. It also provides a unified platform for employees, giving them straightforward access to all the requisite information and things like peer reviews, self-assessments, and more.

SharePoint HR solutions have a lot to offer to any organization. From enabling 24x7 access to automated workflows, there are sufficient features to make sure that HR management is no more a tedious job, but instead smooth sailing in every aspect, including hiring, performance management, procedures, policies, and more.

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Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. The post will explain how SharePoint can help automate your tasks in hiring and policies/procedures.