Creating the perfect look for your wedding is something which many people spend days, weeks, even months or years thinking about and planning. For most people, it’s a case of taking the traditional elements of a wedding such as the cake, the dress and flowers, and giving them a unique and personal twist.

Anyone who goes to the lengths of planning a full scale wedding with friends and family invited clearly has a fairly strong traditionalist streak within them. After all, the very idea of a big wedding with flowers, cars and bridesmaids is an inherently traditional concept, but that doesn’t mean that people feel constrained to merely utilise the same themes, ideas and looks which they’ve seen a thousand times before. A big day like this is all about expressing how you feel, and creating an impression of the kind of people you are as a couple, and the look and tone of your wedding will go a long way towards doing that.

The idea of creating a wedding day which is unique and personal is one which often leads people to feel pressured and stressed. The key is to merely tweak the traditional elements of a wedding by adding the occasional touch which you can truly look upon as your own. Trying too hard to be different for the sake of it will often lead to weddings which, in years to come, look more than a little bit ridiculous. More and more people are tweaking and personalizing their wedding day by using birds feathers as a decorative motif and overarching visual theme. In recent years, it’s become common to utilize feathers as a form of personal decoration, wearing them in the hair or as lightweight stylish jewellery. What they offer is a combination of style, natural grace and quirky individuality. Employing them on a larger scale for an event such as a wedding means that all of these elements become an integral part of your special day, and mark your wedding out as being that little bit different without giving the impression that you’re trying too hard to do so.

Once you’ve decided to use feathers as a motif, then the number of ways in which you can utilize them is virtually limitless. The invitations and any other wedding related stationery could be decorated with a picture of a feather, whilst the flowers carried by the bride and bridesmaids, and used to decorate the venue and tables at which people are seated, could all utilize feathers in their design. The fact that birds’ white feathers are completely natural and tasteful means that they are the perfect addition to any decorative theme you care to choose, lifting things out of the ordinary whilst offering a touch of class, style and old fashioned Hollywood glamor.

Of course, white large feathers boas encapsulate a more traditional approach to wedding day visuals – if you really want to send out the message that you’re a little bit different and refuse to be hidebound by convention then why not work black feathers into your design? Dramatic and exotic, whilst still being tasteful and stylish, they will create an ambiance and image which none of the guests will forget in a hurry.

Decorating the walls, tables, church or the dress itself, feathers will create the impression of a day which is simply floating on air, carrying everyone involved into a bright, classy and stylish future, but a future, above all, that you’re determined to create in your own unique image.

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