The meaning of your dreams when translated according to the scientific method of dream interpretation will show you many truths you ignore. The scientific method accurately translates dream images into words. It is based on the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, and on my discoveries on completing his mission.

I’ll give you an example:

Nancy dreamt that she met her friend Judy and they went together on a camping trip. However, Nancy found a snake in their tent, and they were afraid to stay there. A man told them that this was not a poisonous snake. Nancy told them that she wouldn’t stay in the tent with the snake and went back to the city.

The translation of dreams that contain important dream symbols is very long. Each dream symbol represents a story, and not just a simple word. Images transmit many messages at the same time because they speak through colors and forms generating various sensations.

First of all we must learn a few basic details about the dreamer. Nancy lost her interest in her marriage. She doesn’t love her husband and she wants to have a divorce even though she is a mother of two children. We must know how the dreamer judges all the people who appear in her dream because they are parts of her personality. Judy is a friend who used to accept being humiliated by her boyfriend. Nancy believes that Judy was masochist.

Nancy doesn’t know the man who talked to them in the dream.

I’m going to briefly translate the dream so that you may understand its basic messages. For the purpose of this article, it is not necessary to get into too much detail.

Dream translation:

Nancy dreamt that she met her friend Judy = Nancy is analyzing her own masochist attitude

They went together to a camping trip = her analysis is not really deep, but carried on in a short period of time

Nancy found a snake in their tent = the dreamer will pass through painful experiences in order to stop repeating her mistakes

A man told them that this was not a poisonous snake = the dreamer’s animus (perfect match) tries to convince her that she won’t suffer with a separation

Nancy told them that she wouldn’t stay in the tent with the snake = the dreamer’s ego tries to avoid suffering. Her ego also denies deeply studying her masochist behavior.

Putting everything together: Nancy is being influenced by her animus (figure of the perfect match) on believing that she is having a masochist attitude for maintaining her marriage. She is also being induced to believe that a divorce won’t be painful. Nancy must understand that she is not thinking logically when deciding to have a divorce, but she is being influenced by the figure of her perfect match. This figure represents a real man who is threatening her marriage. In other words, she is not really having a masochist attitude for not separating her husband, but she doesn’t analyze her behavior (she left the camping site). The man she considers as her perfect match could be an impostor; in other words, he could simply seem to be the ideal man for her. He will destroy her family, and perhaps abandon her in the end, without making her happy. This dream was a prediction.

With this dream the unconscious mind is giving a serious warning to the dreamer. Nancy is ready to betray her husband as soon as she meets a man who may seem to be her perfect match. She must seriously think about what is happening to her life and why she wants to have a divorce. She is not objectively analyzing her own attitude. If she is not happy with her husband, this doesn’t mean that she will surely be happier with somebody else.

We have to follow Nancy’s case and analyze more dreams, so that we may really understand what is happening to her, and what she has to do in order to find peace and happiness.

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