Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is an accurate translation from images into words based on the discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. It is also based on my discoveries after continuing his research and completing his mission.

All dream images contain very important messages. Everything in a dream has a symbolic meaning. The dream language is a secret language. It is hidden from your dangerous anti-conscience.

Your anti-conscience is your wild conscience, which can read your mind. However, the anti-conscience must not understand the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind helps you fight against the absurdity imposed by your sneaky anti-conscience, which tries to eliminate your capacity to think logically.

You represent the human side of your conscience. You must win the battle against your wild side. The unconscious mind helps you win this battle by giving you secret guidance in dreams.

Dream images represent real facts. They show you what happens inside your brain, and also what is happening in the outside world.

Whenever you are facing dangerous situations in dreams, your dangerous adventures represent real psychological fights. Or, they represent dangerous situations in your daily life.

For example, when you have to make an important decision, there are many different options that are totally contradictory. When you are influenced by your evil anti-conscience you will do what will put you in trouble.

This is a very serious problem. You must be able to understand beforehand what is good or bad for you.

Negative dream symbols like the snake, the spider, and teeth falling out will advise you that you are making costly mistakes. This is how you’ll have the chance to avoid bad consequences.

The snake represents a bad event that will correct a mistake.

The spider represents great danger ahead if you don’t take action.

Teeth falling out indicate that you are losing your psychical energy because you are making serious mistakes that are ruining your personality and your life.

Only by seeing these dream symbols, you will already understand that you have to discover which mistakes you are making, and stop making them.

Negative dream symbols are showing you that you need psychotherapy, especially if you have recurring dreams about teeth falling out. These dreams are serious warnings. You are destroying your own life with your mistakes.

Now, if you'll think about the issues you are facing now, you will understand what is going wrong. You will also have more information and explanations about your reality in next dreams.

The dream messages become always more enlightening and interesting once you master the dream language. Positive dream symbols will help you feel better, the same way that warning signs of danger will always protect your mental health.

For example, when you’ll see that you have found money in a dream, this means that you will find psychical energy. Money in dreams doesn’t indicate that you will become rich, but your mental health is more important than your financial situation. You should be glad when you can preserve your mental stability. Money is a positive dream symbol that represents good mood.

A bright sunlight is another very positive dream symbol, which indicates that you can see the real truth. You are not eluded by false impressions.

When you are able to automatic translate the dream images into words that make sense to your conscious mind, you understand the unconscious logic. The combination of dream images and symbols form the dream language.

By seeing a sequence of dream symbols with negative and positive symbols at the same time, you will be able to predict the future, or you will understand what had happened in the past. You see positive dream symbols only when you have already found the solutions you need. In this case, the negative dream symbols that appear near them are used for explanations.

Whenever positive dream symbols appear near negative ones, this means that the unconscious mind is giving you a lesson. You are not in danger. Positive and negative dream symbols together help you understand the problems that you could avoid thanks to the unconscious guidance in previous dreams. Or, they show you how the unconscious guidance will help you avoid various dangers and achieve your goals.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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