If one pays attention to the mainstream media, they are likely to see that they give a lot of exposure to celebrities. But even if this wasn’t the case, they would only need to pick up a paper to realise this.

This is not to say that all news sources give them the same amount of exposure though, as there are going to be certain sources that give them more than others. As a result, one could pick up one paper and find that they are only mentioned a few times, or they pick up another and find that they receive far more exposure.

Primary Interest

However, while some people will wonder why so much of today’s news is about celebrities, there are going to be others who don’t. In their mind, this could be the best type of news, and there is then going to be no reason for them to think about why this is the case.

They could be in a position where they can’t get enough of someone in the public eye, and it will then be important for them to stay up to date with what they are doing. And while this might only relate to a certain person, it could also include a number of people.

A Role Model

This could be a sign that one looks up to a certain celebrity, or a number of them. They could see them as an inspiration, and they may hope that it will be possible for them to experience life in the same way in the future.

In this sense, it could be said that they are not going to have a reason to complain about the lack of real news in the mainstream media. They are going to be only too happy about what is taking place.

An Escape

On the other hand, this come down to the fact that one pays attention to what celebrities are doing in order to avoid their own life. It is then not that they admire the people in the public eye; it is that they provide them with a way to put their own life to one side for a short while each day.

So just like the person above, they are also not going to have a reason to complain about what is taking place. But if they do, their focus could be on why a certain celebrity is famous as opposed to why there is a lack of real news.


However, when one doesn’t look up to celebrities and they don’t want to hear about them as a way to avoid their own life, they can find it hard to understand what is going on. For one thing, they could say that more important things are taking place in the world.

And as the mainstream media is not giving exposure to the right things, it is causing these things to be overlooked. Therefore, they are not going to be informing people about what they need to be informed about.

A Deeper Look

On one hand, this could be as far as they go and they might not look any deeper into what is taking place, and on the other hand, they could look into why this is. Yet while some people will look deeper, it could be said that said that this will be the exception as opposed to the rule.

One reason why it is the exception as opposed to the rule is because it will involve thinking. And one of the primary reasons the mainstream media has so much influence is because so many people don’t like to think for themselves.


The mainstream media is generally seen as something that exists to inform people about what is taking place in the world, and when one has this outlook; it sets them up to be deceived. But as they believe that they are being told the truth, there is going to be no reason for them to question what they hear.

This then allows the different news sources to direct their attention away from what is actually taking place. And so while one can believe that they are informed, they can be completely unaware of what is actually going on in the world.


One way to stop people from realising what is taking place is to distract them and this why celebrities receive so much exposure in today’s world. It is then no longer necessary for them to give people half-truths; the only thing they need to do is to direct their attention onto something else.

And because of the way celebrities are often presented, it can be normal for someone to believe that they are an important part of what is taking place in the world. In fact, they could believe that everything else is more or less irrelevant.

The Perfect Outcome

When one believes that celebrity news is more important than any other news (or even if it doesn’t occur to them that there are more important things for them to focus on), it is going to be the perfect scenario for the people who are behind the scenes, so to speak. One will have no idea about what is taking place in the world and it won’t bother them.

This then makes it easier for the mainstream media to achieve whatever they want and they won’t have to worry about experiencing too much resistance. If one was to come across someone who told them what was happening, they might dismiss what they are saying or they could tell them that they are the ones who are out of touch with reality.


What this shows is that one can’t trust the mainstream media if they want to be informed about the world. If, on the other hand, they want to be entertained or deceived, for instance, they will be fine.

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