Before the alternative media came along, the mainstream media pretty much had complete control. What this meant was that it was normal for most people to believe just about everything this source came out with.

Nowadays, thanks to the alternative media, this source doesn’t have the same amount of control as it used to have in the past. But, while their influence over people has waned in recent years, it would be a mistake to believe that his source is on the way out.

Old Habits Die Hard

People of all ages pay attention to the mainstream media, just as there are people of all ages who don’t. What has undoubtedly given the mainstream a life line is the ease at which someone can consume what they sell due to modern-day technology.

As long as someone has some kind of device, they can download what this source has to say no matter where they are. There is then no need for someone to watch TV or to listen to the radio, as they would have had to have done in the past to take in information from this source.

Another Factor

What has also played a part here is that is appears as though a lot of people are conditioned to believe things during their time in the education system that are in alignment with what the mainstream media comes out with. Said another way, the narrative that they are encouraged to buy into at this time is no different to the narrative that the mainstream media promotes.

Therefore, it is as if this is a time when the foundations are laid, enabling them to accept what comes after. The all-knowing authority figures that they have at this time of their life (teachers) will then be replaced by another set of authority figures (news readers and ‘journalists’).

Breaking Away

However, even though there are people who won’t be able to think for themselves after spending a number of years in the education system, there will be plenty of people who will. Somehow, the indoctrination that they were exposed to at this time in their life won’t have completely lobotomized their brain.

They will have managed to have developed critical thinking skills, the very thing that the education system will have most likely tried to condition out of them. Through having the ability to think critically, someone like this won’t be able to simply accept everything this source comes out with.


The mainstream media is only too aware of the fact that there are people who are looking towards other sources and that more people will follow suit as time goes by. Ergo, like a gangster that has controlled a town for a number of years only for another gangster to appear, they are not taking this lying down.

They have a number of tools to try to keep people in line, with one of these tools being to do what they can to destroy someone’s image. At other times, they will do what they can to destroy a websites image.

Keeping It Simple

This source of information will be aware of the fact that most human beings have a fear of being ostracised, which is why they will use the power of association to destroy anyone or anything that goes against their narrative. So, once a person or a website is seen as being bad, it will cause a lot of people to keep their distance.

It will then be very similar to how a child won’t touch something after its parents have told them not to. Due to what the child has been told and has ended up internalising, it would experience guilt and shame, along with the fear of being rejected and abandoned, if they were to go against their parents demands.

Operant Conditioning

Let’s say that someone says something that goes against the accepted narrative, the mainstream media probably won’t even bother to disapprove what has been said; instead, they will label this person. This person will then end up being dehumanised, which will cause a lot of people to stay well away.

It then won’t matter if what this person says is accurate and something that people need to hear, as the mainstream media will have tarnished their image. Through absorbing this conditioning, someone can end up experiencing guilt and shame, along with the fear or being ostracised, if they were to look into what this person has to say.


The mainstream is then not going to have to worry about someone like this thinking for themselves and finding out about what is really going on. Due to how this source has portrayed the people who go against the accepted narrative, one will do everything they can to keep themselves inline.

When someone keeps themselves in line and doesn’t need anyone else to do it, they are surely the perfect slave. Someone like this won’t even realise that they are being controlled, which will stop them for rebelling.


The fact that the mainstream media uses this approach is just more evidence that their sole purpose is not to inform people. Ultimately, their main purpose it to define how people think and to lead them down a certain path.

And, if anyone gets in the way of their mission, they will do everything in their power to destroy them in one way or another. This doesn’t always work, of course, and this shows how the world is changing.

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