When people want to find out about what is taking place locally and globally, they often look to the mainstream media to inform them. This could be seen as a normal part of living in the modern-day world.

But while this has been the way for so long, it is it beginning to change and this is due to the internet. There are people who are no longer look towards the mainstream media to inform them and this is because they want to do their own research.

We All Have a Brain

And as we all have a brain and the ability to think, it is important for us to use it and to come to our own conclusions. This is not to say that the media always has a hidden agenda, as it is not this black and white.

But to say that the media is there to simply inform the public and that is on their side would also be inaccurate. At times, what they are focusing on could accurately reflect what is taking place but there is always a reason why they focus on one thing and not another.


Once the media presents something to the public, it won’t be along until their attention is absorbed by it. What they do or don’t focus on is then being defined by an outside source and this is an example of how the media can control people’s minds.

This could mean that one is focusing on something important or it could mean that one is focused on something irrelevant. One is then not simply being informed; they are being misinformed and distracted.

Bad News

If something good has happened in the world or closer to home, it probably won’t see the light of day. Yet, when something ‘bad’ happens, there is a greater chance that it will appear in the media.

Human beings are hardwired to focus on what is negative and this is due to the fact that if one doesn’t notice a threat, it could lead to their demise. On the other hand, if one doesn’t notice something positive, it is unlikely to put their survival at risk.


So the media plays into this and this is partly why people can end up being hooked into what the media is selling. It can also be a sign that one is carrying trauma and that they are therefore unable to experience life in a balanced way.

There are things taking place in the world that can make one think it is getting worse and then there are things that can make them think the opposite. In order for one to maintain a balanced or realistic perspective of the world, it is going to be important for them to take a step back from time to time.


Believing that the world is a complete mess and that there is no hope is one thing that can take place through being exposed to the mainstream media and there are many other consequences. The media doesn’t just cause one to have an inaccurate perspective though; it can also cause them to regress.

One way this can take place is through one being conditioned to not only want things, but to want them straight away. The media is then speaking to the child within an adult and bypassing their ability to think critically.

This can be seen in media through the ‘buy now pay later’ option that is often put in front of people. It is not only the words they use that play a part, it is also the kind of imagery they use.

Instant Gratification

As a child, one would have wanted everything straight away and this is because it wouldn’t have been possible for them to wait. However, at this age, it would have related to needs that needed to be fulfilled instantly, such as being fed and held.

But as time passed and providing one got their dependency needs met, one would have gradually grown out of the need to have everything straight away. It would also have been important for their caregivers to refrain from giving them want they wanted all the time to enable them to develop their ability to delay gratification.

The Benefit

If people are able to delay gratification (and this is not to say that this should always be the case), it is going to have a negative effect on the companies who are trying to sell things. What they need are people who are going to want what they are selling and to want it straight away, not next week or the following year.

While the people who are selling things are reaping the rewards, the same can’t be said for the people who are being trained to want everything instantly. Certain things can be attained straight away, but not everything can.

Delaying Gratification

When it comes to achieving success or becoming good at something, one needs to be able to handle frustration and the setbacks that are likely to arise. It is not possible for one to have these things straight away.

This means that one will need to keep the part of them that wants everything straight away in check and to maintain or develop the part of them that is able to wait. There is a time to be impatient and time to be patient, and both aspects have to be taken into account if one wants to experience success or to achieve anything.

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