Now that the presidential election has ended, it has given people the opportunity to focus on something else. Therefore, if someone was caught up with what was taking place; their life may have gone back to how it was.

Alternatively, the whole experience may have had a big effect on them, and they might not be able to go back to how things were. This could be a sign that the person they supported won, or this might not be the case.

A New Beginning

When it comes to the former, one may believe that trump is going to do what needs to be done. On the other hand, he might just be seen as the lesser of two evils, and the person who needed to win to stop Hillary from getting into the white house.

One can then see him as some kind of saviour, or they can see him as someone who has an important role to play. As a result of this, their expectations are likely to be completely different.

The Ideal Candidate

If one sees Trump as a saviour, he is not going to be seen as a fellow human being; he will have been elevated to a much higher level. He could even be seen as someone who is different to the presidents of the past.

And through having this outlook, it is going to mean that not only will Trump have a long way to fall if he doesn’t match up to their expectations, but one will also end up experiencing a lot of pain if this were to happen. It could then be said that one will be setting themselves up to suffer unnecessarily, as he is not perfect.

A Part to Play

When one doesn’t see him in this light, they are unlikely to expect as much from him, and this could show that they have a more realistic outlook. What he has achieved so far will be seen as an important step, and they might have a number of other things in mind.

However, they could realise that there is only going to be so much that he can do. Still, this could be seen as a sign of what is about to come, and now the ball is rolling these changes could take place a lot faster.

The Other Side

Yet, if one wanted Hillary to win, it could be a challenge for them to face the world. This could then mean that they will be in a place of resistance, and they might end up attacking people who voted for Trump.

When it corms to how long it will take them to move on with their life (or if they are able to), it could depend on a number of different factors. If one is able to accept what has happened and to focus on what they can control, they are not going to be wasting their time and energy.

Another Part

What can also make it harder for someone to move on is if they were to pay attention to the mainstream media. This comes down to the fact that is hasn’t been possible for them to accept the outcome and to move on.

Instead, they have spent a lot of time complaining about the result, and the people who supported Trump have also been targeted. Their behaviour has made it harder for people to come together and to put their differences aside.

One Option

It could be said that the sensible approach would have been for them to accept what has happened and to focus on what is now taking place. After all, their purpose is to inform people about what is taking place in the world.

If one believed that this is why the mainstream media exists, it might be hard for them to understand what is going on. Based on their behaviour, one could come to the conclusion that it is if they didn’t get the outcome they wanted.

A Cover Up

Yet, if they were to think about how each candidate was portrayed during the election, they might begin to understand what is going on. Ultimately, the mainstream media wanted Hillary to win and, as this didn’t take place, they are not happy.

But if they were to come clean about this, their cover would be blown, and this would stop them from being able to control so many people. It is then in their best interest to carry on in the same manner as they did during the election.

In Denial

One thing they could is to look into what they did to try to get Hillary elected and how they could have done something else. And as they had a lot of influence during this time, it could be said that they didn’t do a good job.

They could also think about how people realised what they were doing and decided to look to other sources of information. If they were to do this, they would be taking responsibility, but this is not something that interests them.

Pointing the Finger

What they would rather do is act like a child who didn’t get their own way, and this is why they have engaged in a campaign to smear the alternative media. This is where so many people were going to during the presidential election to find out about what was actually going on.

The mainstream media is only too aware of what took place and how much influence they have, and this is partly why this news source has been described as ‘fake news’. This is not to say that all the sites that have been listed can be trusted, but to say that all of these sites can’t be trusted is just as inaccurate.


When one has made a mistake, they can hold their hands up, or they can become defensive and attack other people. The only way for their life to improve will be for them to take responsibility and to then to do something else.

Similarly, the only way for the mainstream media to stop themselves from going under will be look themselves in the mirror. If they don’t do this and continue to cover their eyes when it comes to the effect they are having on others, it will only be a matter of time before their time is up.

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