One thing that mainstream media has been focusing on recently is the amount of ‘fake news’ that is available. This relates to a lot of news that people have been sharing on social media.

What brought their attention to this was the kind of things that people were sharing throughout the presidential election. During this time, it was not uncommon for people to share things without taking the time to read through them.

Pulled In

When this happened, the title of an article might have validated their outlook, and that would have been the only thing that mattered. And the more ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ they had, the more of an effect this would have had.

This is not to say that what they shared would have had the same effect on everyone, as it is not going to be this black and white. There would have been people who read the article, and just seeing the title would have been enough to influence others

One Part

If someone read the article, they might have accepted everything they read, and they could have ended up reading more articles from the same site. What could have caused them to go along with what they were reading was if the article was shared by someone they are close to.

They could have believed that the person who shared it knows what they are talking about, and so there was no need for them to think for themselves. Once this had taken place, they could have shared the article.

Another Part

Yet, if one only needed to see the title to be influenced, they wouldn’t have used a lot of energy. The title of the article might have gone onto define how they responded to other sources of information.

Therefore, if they were to come across information from the mainstream media, they may have dismissed what they heard. This could have also taken place if they were talking to a friend who paid attention to the same source.


What this shows, is that there were a lot of people who didn’t even listen to what the mainstream media had to say during the election. Instead, they choose to listen to information from non-reputable sources.

This is seen as the reason why Trump ended up winning the presidential election, and how this wouldn’t have happened if people paid attention to the real news. Thus, it is to be expected that the mainstream media are not going to turn a blind eye to what is taking place.

A Responsibility

Ultimately, they exist to keep people up to date with what is actually taking place in the world. It is then down to them to inform people on one hand, and to let them know when they are being deceived on the other.

If they didn’t do this, it would only be a matter of time before people would have no idea what was taking place around them. The world would also get worse, and this is why it is so important to listen to this source of information.

In Good Hands

When people do this and no longer listen to ‘fake news’, it will give them the right information. And through consuming what they have to say, it will allow this source to earn the money that they need in order to survive.

As without this funding, this source of information would soon die out, and that wouldn’t be a good thing. The only thing that one needs to do is to make sure they don’t consume ‘fake news, is to only pay attention to the reliable sources of information.

The List

What has also made this easier is that a list of ‘fake new’ sites has been compiled, and so they won’t need to exert themselves. Once this has taken place, they will be able to carry on with their life.

At the same time, it could be said that the mainstream media is only talking about ‘fake news’ because they are starting to lose control. This is then just one way for them to stop people from looking towards other sources of information.

Its Exists

Clearly, ‘fake news’ does exist, but that doesn’t mean that the only source of information that can be trusted is the mainstream media. When one does have this outlook, it is not going to take a lot to control them.

One way of looking at what is currently taking place would be to say that the mainstream media only has a problem with ‘fake news’ when another source is creating it. If they are behind it, it is acceptable.

Child Abuse

This is then similar to how an abusive caregiver can go to their child’s school and complain if they are being bullied. In this case, how they are being treated is going to be seen as a problem.

But when this kind of behaviour takes place behind closed doors, it is not going to be seen in the same way. To the outsider, their caregiver can be seen as the ideal parent, but if they were to realise what they are really like, their outlook would soon change.


If someone believes everything that the mainstream media comes out with, they won’t realise how hypocritical they are. And even if the alternative media, for instance, were only spreading ‘fake news’, it’s not as if they have had a lot of time to do it

The mainstream media, on the other hand, has been spreading fakes news for many, many years. When it comes to the amount of damage they have done over the years, it could be said that they are not in a position to warn others about what is or what isn’t ‘fake news’.

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