The merits and demerits of a newspaper are many. In the first place, they give you latest updates from every corner of the globe. Hence it is possible for people to delve into world news from Africa sitting in a remote Indian village while up to date India news reaches any corner of the globe within a span of 24 hours. Business houses have been using newspapers as a customized medium for ages now. People read newspapers to keep themselves abreast with all the latest news taking place everyday. Let us now proceed towards discussing the merits and demerits of newspapers.
• It is a commonly accepted truth about newspapers that they are highly informative and provide rock solid updates on the current global scenario. Hence, newspapers trigger an increase in neologies. Additionally one also gets the chance to know latest news that matter in the overall global perspective. However, charity begins at home and for news from the local front newspapers is always the best place to start. For example, a person residing in Kerala gets to know about the latest happenings in Gujarat through India News. There are people who buy newspapers to read advertisements of various kinds. These days an increasing number of families are seen taking up newspaper reading as a serious habit. Newspapers seem to have something for every taste bud.
• A common allegation that often surfacing against newspapers is that a lot of time is actually wasted reading up nonsense staff that make no sense and are majorly partial. Another point making the rounds is the fact that numerous trees are felled daily for producing high quality paper. An alternative would be to tune into television channels instead of subscribing to newspapers. You may be able to follow the global socio- political or socio-economic climate through world news. There is absolutely no need in such a case to fall back on newspapers. It is neither possible to guarantee that advertisement through newspapers will find an all round readership.
• The opinions about reading newspapers differ from person to person. To many, reading newspapers is little beyond a nice pass time. They don’t bother much about India news or world news. After a short flip through the pages the newspaper will just be tossed into the wastepaper bin.
To conclude the only thing that can be said is that the merits of reading newspapers overpower the demerits. Which medium apart from newspapers offers a solid dose of latest news from home and abroad at minimal prices? So this is the best for all.

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