It has been said that if a person doesn't fail, then they aren't trying hard enough. This means that they are playing at a safe distance, but they aren't putting themselves out there to make the mistakes that they need to make to grow, and to learn. So in this way, when a person doesn't try, they have already failed.

So if you are the type of person who had the courage to fail, then pat yourself on the back. At least you had the courage to try, when many people are content to not even try. The sad thing is when people try something new, and when they fail, they don't have the courage to get back up and try again. They punish themselves for even trying. This is negative self talk that breaks people, or at the very least, it holds them back.

But if a person takes a positive outlook, such as realizing that they need to keep trying, learning from their mistakes, until they get it right, then they grow to greater heights.

So with regards to becoming an internet marketer, if you try and fail, then if you don't have the courage to learn from your mistakes, then you won't ever reach your goals. But if you move forward from your mistakes, and if you use your mistakes as learning tools, then you'll reach your goals.

Anyone who has ever accomplished anything worthwhile in life has failed. But the difference is that they kept trying, and they kept learning. They literally allowed mistakes and failures to be their guide to success.

With regards to marketing, if you didn't realize success because of bad marketing, bad products, or no traffic, then all you need to do is to retrace your steps, and figure out where you went wrong, so that you can fix it. It could have been that you jumped into internet marketing too soon, and you didn't have all the facts that you needed. Maybe you didn't do your homework. This is okay; now that you know where you went wrong, or what you lacked, you can go back and fix things.

So, keep your eye on the prize. Focus on the outcome, and not on all the mistakes and setback along the way. This is the only way that you will reach your end goals.

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