Have you got what it takes to succeed online?

I actually believe that everyone has this quality, sometimes it just needs bringing out. So many people get involved in the small details that they forget about the big picture and why they are doing what they are doing in the first place.

When I feel like this I always refer to this story, I hope that it will help you too.

This is one of my favorite stories and it applies today just as much as it has ever done. It goes like this.

When Sir Christopher Wren (20 October 1632 – 25 February 1723) was building St. Pauls Cathedral in London he was having problems with meeting his deadline, so he decided to poll his workers to get a feel of what was going wrong.

So he asked the first worker, "what are you doing?" and the worker replied "I'm laying bricks". He then went to the next worker and asked the same question, this time the reply was "I'm laying bricks for 2 shillings a day". He then moved on to the next worker and asked him exactly the same question, this thime the reply was "I'm helping to build a Cathedral"

This story demonstrates that as an internet marketer your mindset should be focused on the bigger picture and not just the short term goals.

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