An observation, today brought about this post and I would hope you read this and come along for the ride on my thought train.

Recently there has been a rise in the overt in the languaging of products and premises of life and it is quite telling. Folks even in the fitness industry using a mystical and almost tantric like nature to explain movement or health. It is quite confounding really because many of these including many eastern "Masters" (I use the term as loosely as adult diapers) prey on the masses that come to them and entrust their lives often times to their progress.

It is a clear minion mentality and the lack of critical thought in society is being exposed over and over again. No one is willing to ask the hard questions. In fact, the majority of society don't ask questions at all. They call it flow, but they have totally been hypnotized to counteract true flow in their lives.

The reality of the matter is this, my friends if you are looking for people to bring you to your "come to Jesus moment" you are going to be sorely mistaken and disappointed. No amount of hoopla or cheering will shed light on your insides like you will and using systems that really matter. It doesn't matter if you are walking on fire or swinging from a tree like a monkey. The largest question many of us forget to ask is "What do I want to be at the end of my life?" and this allows for all of these vulture-minded people prey on you and the holes you carry around.

Are you still in denial? Look at the amount of e-mails that have come about with "Become a bestseller in 30 days" or my favorite "Get a 6 pack in 7 days". All of it is total nonsense feeding on your emotion of inadequacy and media comparison that has become socially normal. It is normal to be a minion in today's information age and sadly the majority of you may be mad about this post, but it is time someone said it out loud. You're being fooled into thinking you are not enough

Minionized Messaging Examples: "The Daily Grind, 10x, Dropout Millionaire, Heart-centered, Animal Flow, 3 am hustle, 24/7 entrepreneur, growth hacking, bulletproof, CrossFit athlete, extreme powerlifter, ketogenic master and so on. You're being fed into an idea but the majority of you do not know what it even means and that is why fear guides you.

You're being fooled into thinking you are not enough and I have a story to tell you. One of many of the folks I have worked with in my career coaching. I received a message from a woman who was looking to gain mobility and health in her life. I went through the process of admission and we began with her custom program. 1 week later she called me in a panic and told me she was gaining weight out of nowhere and blamed the program. I was taken aback by the accusation and asked her to describe to me what she was doing and how it was presenting. (To clear it was not a medical emergency) Needless to say, after some digging, she released to me that she was on more than what she had originally told me. In fact, she was taking hormones in multiple doses to satiate her need to be young. 2-3 times a day she would take these injectables and soon enough she divulged more about herself and I had to drop her as a client. She began to show signs of dysmorphia and other deep dark hidden aspects she didn't show before. All in all, she was not happy and I was the paid scapegoat due to the fact of her not looking or feeling like she was in a magazine on the daily. She had mentally checked out and was minionized into a superficial way of being.

For you as a loyal reader, I leave you with this question and I ask that you take the time to really answer it from your depths. What would happen if the world saw who you really are? Leaving the man buns, fake lashes, makeup, monkey movements, crash diets, blank shaming and blame aside. Would you be able to love yourself truly? Would you let someone else truly love you beyond the hype of BuzzFeed and SnapChat? Listen, in media anyone can appear to be anything they want to be, but if you are stuck on the above question I suggest you begin to dig deep. I've lost 3 people in my life in the last month all around my age, so realize that time is too precious to not think for yourself and be yourself.

That's it for now. Peace.

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Luis Rivera, Jr. MS, CHHC, ACC, CFT is a Mindset and Wellness Coaching, dedicated to helping women in transition. Are you an aspiring professional, new mom, or just someone who wants a life change? The dedicated process of health and wellness coaching can help you take your life to the next phase. Find out more at Luis and his products at