Extracted from the flesh of the coconut, virgin coconut oil is pure and unadulterated. What researchers are now discovering are the host of benefits that this oils offers, Most people would question how indeed can oil be good for you, but the benefits of organic virgin coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antifungal, antibacterial as well as antimicrobial and antioxidant.

As a beauty product the benefits of this wonderful oil include hair care, skin care, and a remedy for dry skin. Massaged into the skin it helps nourish and keep the skin young and supple. Being organic and natural it can be suitable for all skin types and can even be used for skin conditions such as eczema. Many people suffering from dry and itchy skin conditions use this virgin coconut as a natural remedy. For the hair, coconut will replenish and strength the hair. It also helps nourish the scalp and protects the hair shaft from damage. The oil coats the hair and helps prevent breakage as well as split ends. It has ben used in South East Asia for many hundreds of year and a beauty and hair oil. Particularly in India where this oil is oil is favoured by most women as a natural conditioning treatment for the hair.

So all these are just the external benefits, internally this oil has even more health benefits. Coconut oil that is organic and pure will help maintain cholesterol levels and even stimulate weight loss. It helps to boost immunity and improves metabolism and encourages a healthier digestive system. Not only that it may also help with protecting from heart disease and provide relief from kidney problems. It has ben shown to be beneficial for high blood pressure and dental care as well as for bone strength.

Recently the wonderful coconut oil has been shown to benefit Alzheimer disease. The science tells us that ketogenesis, or coconut oil's ability to help the body generate ketones which are "the brain's backup fuel" are beneficial for these diseases. Coconut oil also has a high smoke point so can be used for cooking and for stir fry’s and other cooking where oils has to be heated.

As fushi herbal and natural remedies become more popular, so do products such as the coconut oil for its health benefits. For a healthy lifestyle of course it is important to maintain a balanced diet and then include health oils such as these. Virgin oil is the best option as this the purest form of the oil. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet, drinking lots of water and regularly doing exercise are essential.

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Always go for organic, cold pressed and virgin coconut oil when buying. Steer away from coconut oil that is in liquid form as this is not ideal for cooking. You can also you anti aging argan oil as one of wonderful skin care products this winter.