You probably already have this magical liquid in your kitchen cupboard. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already used it for everything from salad dressings to countertop cleaners. Crazy, right?

Apple cider vinegar is a powerhouse to say the very least.

It burns fat, boosts your immune system, heals your body, and acts as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent. Oh, did I mention that it’s extremely affordable? Sounds like apple cider vinegar is exactly what the doctor ordered for the busy, health-conscious caveman trying to get the most bang for his buck, right?

What’s even better is that apple cider vinegar (ACV) can also help you with weight loss, brightening those pearly whites, recovering post heavy exercise, increasing energy throughout the day, and even heartburn relief.

ACV can multi-task almost as much as you can!

Living the Paleo lifestyle means more than just eating and moving the way our ancestors did. It can also include having a positive relationship with nature and the natural world around us that benefits both ourselves and the surrounding environment. I believe that approaching our own health and wellness in a way that our ancestors did years ago can be extremely beneficial. When we create and use natural solutions, we’re creating a much healthier internal environment as well as external. This is one of the many reasons why I LOVE using natural products like ACV instead of chemical-laden-cure-alls that actually do more harm than good.

So! Let’s get right to it! ACV is the ultimate life-hack

Here are my Top 10 Uses for the miraculous Apple Cider Vinegar!

Gas & Constipation
At your crush’s house and plagued with gas or constipation? Excuse yourself, run to the kitchen, and pour 1 tablespoon of ACV into 1 cup of warm tea or water. Drink this before a meal. The ACV will stimulate your stomach acid and will help you break down food so that you don’t experience gas or constipation during meals that usually cause this.

Dandruff Remover
Mix ½ cup ACV and ½ cup filtered water. Pour this into a spray bottle and spray onto your hair and scalp after you shampoo and rinse. Let that sit for 15 minutes, then rinse. If you have longer or fuller hair, you can combine a whole cup of ACV with one whole cup of filtered water. Repeat this procedure for a few days until dandruff disappears. Repeat once every week for maintenance.

Sore Throat
Sore throats are the worst! Combine 1 teaspoon of ACV, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and 2 teaspoons of raw honey in a glass of warm water or tea. Drink this tonic and notice how your throat feels. ACV and honey have antibacterial properties to help heal the throat and the capsaicin in the cayenne pepper will soothe pain.

Clear Skin
It doesn’t matter if you’re a pubescent teen or if you’re an adult riddled with chronic stress. Acne and blotchy skin is horrible! To fight acne, prevent wrinkles and age spots, and to decrease how oily your skin can get, soak a washcloth in ACV and apply to your face in the morning during your normal routine and at bedtime. This process can also help your past acne scars heal too!

Do you experience consistent heartburn after meals? ACV can help! Mix 1 tablespoon in ½ cup filtered water or tea anytime you feel heartburn symptoms coming on. Sometimes, adding in some raw honey can help with the taste of the ACV going down.

Cleaning Solution
Did you know that most household cleaners contain chemicals that can sabotage hormonal balance? Yikes! You can avoid that hot mess with ACV! Mix 1 part filtered water, 1 part ACV, and 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle. ACV makes for an excellent detoxifier and will get the cleaning job done!

Bad Breath
You know that horrible feeling when you realize that people aren’t making eye contact with you because of the horrible odor coming from your mouth? That will never happen again. All you have to do is mix 1 tablespoon of ACV in 1 cup of water and gargle for 15 seconds. Now go face the world again!

Sore muscles
I know you. You want to do one more rep, you want to beat your PR asap, and you definitely want to show up for class tomorrow. Right? Well, now sore muscles won’t be in your way of accomplishing any of those things! Mix 1 tablespoon ACV with ¼ cup water and drink to relieve muscle pain. You can also massage this mixture directly over sore muscles!

Anti-Itch cream
You’re an explorer and an adventurer. You’re going to be meditating on top of mountains and swimming in the deep blue sea. Sometimes, that means that you’re going to step in some poison ivy or have a date with a jellyfish. Yikes! If that happens, apply ACV directly onto your skin and sit back as it relives your itching! Yes!

Lymph Circulation
Want the ultimate biohack for beautiful, energized mornings? Mix ½ tablespoon of ACV into some tea with the juice of ½ a lemon. This will increase your energy, decrease brain fog, detox your body, and build immunity. Now go and conquer your day!

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