“A True Miracle That Gave a Suffering Man Hope”

Yesterday a good friend of mine who has terrible health challenges brought on by doctors giving him medications… had a powerful miracle take place. It was a sign from God, the Universe, and the Great Spirit.

Because Gerry has been going through terrible headaches and he is not able to sleep. Because of thoughtless giving of powerful medications to him which had terrible side-effects for his brain… and Gerry was searching for a miracle.

He Asked God for a Sign

For you see Gerry lost his job because of this illness, and he has a hard time doing anything… and he was so frustrated he could hardly stand it.

He wanted to know if he was healing. So he asked God for a sign. He asked God to put a brand new penny on his doorstep if he was healing and his suffering would sooner or later end.

Gerry Didn’t Tell a Soul

Gerry did not tell a soul about what he had said to God. And the evening before he went to bed Gerry looked around and there was not a single penny around or even near his doorstep.

The Penny Showed Up

And low and behold, the next morning when Gerry woke up he went outside and a couple inches from his door was a bright new penny. That penny was not there yesterday or last night.

That Simple Sign Gave Gerry Hope

That simple penny gave Gerry hope. Hope that sooner or later his suffering would end and that he is healing. This may not seem like a miracle to some people… but for Gerry, it’s a truly a powerful miracle that brought tears to his eyes.

And now Gerry is planning for his future.

Everything has changed because God answered his prayer with a simple penny.

Miracles do take place every single day, all we have to do is awaken from our slumber and notice the miraculous in our lives.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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