It is amazing that we are often confronted with our own issues presented in the guise of other people seeking a solution to their own problems. The advice we give is all too often that which we are hesitant to take ourselves. Perhaps there is more to the life lesson than this simplistic overview, but I have noticed myself gleaning personal tidbits of truth from consultations I provide. Sometimes the inherent truth of their situation is so recognizable that I am taken aback and have no choice but to see my own life's reflection. Other times there is a pearl of wisdom hidden among the reeds of their dilemma that I must carefully uncover; both for their benefit and my own. Sometimes I encounter an issue that I think I have resolved once and for all and have grown through. The reality can be startling when an old issue resurfaces for the sole purpose of measuring growth and resolution. When we have residual issues that need to be worked on or through--until we address the problem, we will continue to experience the challenge until we are ready to do the work. For instance the people we attract into our lives will sometimes bring baggage directly tied to issues we have tried to bury that remains unresolved from our childhood. Our partners may bear little actual resemblance to our parents, however they may bring challenges which will bind us to our past.

When working with a client's physical concern, I try to distance myself from their causal trauma--not wanting to even give safe harbor to any of my own hurts and disappointments. What we think about we become. Becoming the master of one's own thoughts is paramount to any discussion of success, or well being. One would have to be naive to think that perfection exists only in the absence of negativity, on the contrary is exists despite negativity. It is the eternal crux of polarities in the universe--Positive vs negative, good vs evil etc. You can have no great epiphany or healing without the requisite growth and sacrifice towards that end. Likewise the healer need not be an ascended master to assist others--on the contrary--they are better when they continue on the path of ascension and knowledge. Assuming you have all of the answers is a sure invitation for the creative intelligence that rules the universe to direct a few lessons in your direction. The more we resist these lessons, the harder our ultimate lesson becomes. Only by recognizing the inherent seed of truth in all experiences are we freed from resistance to the lesson which by its nature is neither good nor bad. Only we can determine how we will react to situations as they arise.

So no matter what has blown your way today, the lesson is to give in to the experience not to resist or invalidate its aim. If it has arrived in your consciousness, I guarantee there is merit and purpose for you as an individual. Some lessons are quick, others are protracted and involved. Either can cause you to leap frog exponentially over roadblocks and experiences--the choice is up to you. Resistance to what is--is ultimately futile and stagnates our spiritual growth. Know that you are an eternal student seeking the keys to a fulfilling and healthy life. Be open to the twists and turns along your life's path and know that your journey will only be enhanced by these subtle and not so subtle lessons along the way. Listen to your own truth, especially that which is doled out to others and be willing to hear that which is being said and to see that which is clearly reflected in the mirror of life.

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Eleanor Fineran helps clients mend broken lives and navigate life transitions. She has a private practice where she uses Hypnosis, Reiki and Intuitive coaching to help facilitate mind,body, spirit healing. Find out more info at