One thing that someone’s ego-mind will do is allow them to have their own experience on this planet. As a result of this, it is possible for them to fulfil their own purpose or mission whilst they are here.

In other words, this part of them creates the impression that they are separate from everyone and everything. So, although this allows them to have their own reality, it also leads to a sense of aloneness.

The Solution

Due to this, someone can end up looking towards religion in order to feel connected to something bigger than themselves. Or, if this is not something that appeals to them, they can look towards spirituality.

However, although someone can look outside of themselves to achieve this outcome, they can also go within. Ultimately, as this sense of separation is an illusion, the key will be for them to disengage from the part of them that creates this illusion, their ego-mind, and to connect to the part of them that allows them to realise the truth, their heart.

A Big Trap

Now, while someone can, to one degree or another, realise that this sense of separation is an illusion, there is also the chance that they won’t be aware of this. It is then not going to be something that even a small part of them is on board with; it simply won’t cross their mind.

By being totally identified with their ego-mind, then, they will see themselves as nothing more than an observer of what is going on “out there”. This way of being is most likely going to be supported by the society that they live in, too.

Ego Consciousness

If so, this society will very much be an expression of the old physics, Newtonian physics as opposed to the new physics, quantum physics. In general, people in this society can believe that bad things just happen and that those in power have all the control.

Consequently, the only way anything will change in this society will be if those at the top change or are dealt with in some way. The average person will be nothing more than a powerless victim.


The society that they live in is not going to going to encourage them to see beyond the illusion that their ego-mind creates. In fact, it will encourage them to become even more identified with this part of them.

Another part of what will help to keep this illusion in place is that their mind will disconnect from the parts of themselves that are painful. Their society will also encourage, but, if this society is a reflection of ego consciousness, it is to be expected.


When they experience a “negative” feeling, they can end up pushing it outside of their conscious awareness. Once this has happened, it will end up going into their unconscious mind and their conscious mind can end up forgetting all about it.

But, even though it will have appeared to have completely disappeared, it will still be part of their consciousness. This is analogues to how one can put a load of unwanted items in their loft and forget all about them, but they will still be in their house.

Two Worlds

Once a “negative” feeling, or feelings, has been removed from their conscious mind, they can end up feeling good. Nevertheless, at a deeper level, they will be carrying this “negative” feeling, along with all of the other “negative” feelings and parts of themselves that they have lost touch with.

Sooner or later, and most of what is taking place in their life can be a reflection of what is taking place in their unconscious mind already, something will take place “out there” that will be in alignment with this feeling. The trouble is that through being out of touch with this feeling and seeing themselves as a mere observer of reality, they won’t be able to see the connection.

A Natural Outcome

By being nothing more than an observer, what is going on “out there” will be seen as the problem. Before long, they could end up seeing themselves as a victim, and this could be a common experience.

The fact that they might be annoyed and angry about what is taking place can be seen as a sign that what is taking place hasn’t got anything to do with them. As far as they are concerned, saying otherwise could be seen as a sign of “victim-blaming”.


In this moment, they could very well be the victim and another person could be the perpetrator. Still, what has taken place will be a reflection of what is going on at a deeper level, and, until they explore and resolve what is going on, they are likely to continue to co-create the same experience.

For this to happen, they will need to develop the ability to observe their own mind and be willing to face their own inner wounds. This might only be something that they are willing to do once they have greatly suffered and can no longer carry on in the same way.


What this illustrates is that most of what shows up in someone’s life is coming from their unconscious mind. This means that they are not consciously choosing to manifest “negative” experiences.

The challenge is that if someone is not aware of the fact that they have two minds, not one, it will be perfectly normal for them to believe that someone or something “out there” is in control and for them to see themselves as a victim. There will be no reason for them to be any one way.


If one can relate to this and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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