The moment of truth is that moment when you realize that you can’t run from your fears. When you have to face what it is that you don’t want to face. It is about coming to terms and about letting go of what you don’t need in your life anymore. It might sound like a cliché but it’s the truth. Let’s see how it works.
This is a test for you to do to see how much you have grown. You can pick a person, place or thing that you use to like. It could be a something that you just visited last week or ten years ago. Now, go back there. Notice these things when you leave.

How did you feel about being there?
How did your body react to being there?
If there was a conversation, was it a positive or negative one?
How long did you stay?
Where you comfortable?
And most important, will you go back?
If you went back ten years from now, would it be the same or different?

More than likely, if you will not go back, you have grown out of the situation. That person, place, or thing was in your life for a reason; you needed it for a time and have grown out of it. This is a positive thing! It means that your need to progress your thinking has evolved. You didn’t want to get stuck in a non-useful mentality.

What’s changed? You have, sometimes we shouldn’t question why we are giving up certain things, it just means that we are on a different plane of understanding. It doesn’t mean that anyone is better than anyone else, just that we all have different levels of understanding and evolving into who we truly are going to become.

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