The Most Affordable Medical Universities in the World

MBBS Abroad
In India, getting a MBBS seat is an extremely tedious task. Most students give up their medical dreams halfway there! Why?

Well, for starters, a student needs to spend a gruelling year preparing for the NEET examination which governs entry into medical colleges in India. If you haven’t scored a government seat through the exam, then you’ll probably end up paying huge amounts to study in private medical colleges.

But now, the cause of worry is over!

Students now have the option of studying at foreign universities, for an extremely affordable cost. With a minimum qualifying score in the NEET examination, and a valid passport, they are all set to pursue MBBS abroad!

Affordability and Future!

Cost is a major factor that decides the future course of a MBBS student. Being able to study in world-renowned foreign colleges, for a reasonable amount, is a blessing for Indian students who dream of being doctors.

Here are some of the foreign medical universities with the lowest tuition fee in the world:

Asian Medical Institute- Kyrgyzstan
The Asian Medical University located in the city of Kant, Kyrgyzstan, currently has more than 1800 medical students from over 10 different countries including India. Established in 2004, the Asian Medical Institute has been listed in the WHO Directory, Avicenna Directory and FAIMER. In this university, students are taught by trained professionals, with the help of modern strategies and innovative technologies. AMI is also affiliated with more than 10 teaching hospitals, and has well-developed research centres leading various scientific projects. AMI has been recognised not only by the Ministry of Health, but also by the Ministry of Education and Science of The Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Total tuition fee: Rs 15-17 lakh

Kyrgyz State Medical University- Kyrgyzstan
The I.K Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical University started in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in the year 1939. With an experienced faculty that consists of trained medical professionals, and an extensive supply of latest medical books and technology, KSMU has earned recognition from international organisations like the WHO, FAIMER, IMED and the Medical Council of India. Education at KSMU is a mix of by-the-book teaching methods with various extracurricular activities, hospital based training and exchange programmes, to give students a more in-depth knowledge of their subject.

Total tuition fee: Rs 20 lakh

Guilin Medical University-China
Guilin Medical University, formerly known as Guilin Senior Nurse Midwifery School is a public university located in Guilin, Guangxi, China.

In 2012, GMLU was recognized as “Excellent University” by The Ministry of Education in China. With a research-backed education system, GMLU has undertaken over 1000 medical projects, in the course of 5 years. As a university that boasts outstanding achievements in the field of scientific research and development, GMLU has been featured in magazines like The China Journal, the Journal of American Chemical Abstracts etc, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and laurels.

Total tuition fee: Rs 10 lakh

Other medical universities with a low fee structure include:

Hunan Normal University- China
International School of Medicine- Kyrgyzstan
Ternopol State Medical University- Ukraine
Ulyanovsk State University- Russia
TMSS Medical College- Bangladesh
Affordability maybe a factor in pursuing the dream of being a doctor, but there isn’t any need to compromise quality education. MBBS Universities provide students with the opportunity to get quality education at an affordable cost. It’s as they say, if there is a will, there is a way!

All the best!

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