The Most Beautiful Niagara Falls Tours Canada
Facts About Niagara Falls
• The Niagara Falls are about 12,000 years old.
• The Falls were formed by melting large glaciers into a massive freshwater lake, the Great Erie, Lake which ran downhill toward another Lake, Ontario.
• The Niagara River flows approximately at 35 miles/hour.
• There are three waterfalls at Niagara, the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
• The Horseshoe Falls are 180 feet high and allow almost 6 million cubic feet of water every minute during peak daytime tourist hours.
• There are lots of Man-made attractions at Niagara Falls, which include Maid of the Mist, Table Rock Scenic Tunnels, Spanish Aero Car, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, Marineland, Casino Niagara, IMAX Theatre, and the new Butterfly Conservatory.
• Skylon Tower height rises above 775 feet of the Falls.
• Niagara Falls' night time illumination makes even more spectacular event than all times of the day.
• Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada is also named as the Honeymoon Capital of the world.
• The word Niagara came from the word "onguiaahra," which means "a thundering noise."
• Till 1886, before the Statue of Liberty was erected, the Niagara Falls was the symbol of America and the New World. Almost all the visitors from the world plan Niagara as a must-see destination point during a visit to North America.
• The Spanish Aero car ride provides an iconic trip across the famous Whirlpool Rapids, which is a few miles away from the actual waterfalls.
• Water from the Niagara is redirected from travelling over the falls to produce a sizeable hydroelectric turbine which generates electricity for Southern Ontario and Western New York State too.
• One of the largest Butterfly Conservatories in North America has been added to Niagara's list of attractions.
• Water that flows over the Niagara Falls finally ends up in Lake Ontario, from where the water drains by way of the St. Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean.
• In March of 1848, when the Niagara River was obstructed temporarily at the mouth of the river in Fort Erie, Ontario then the waters stopped flowing over Niagara's famous cliff.
• Water painting artists embraced this City's natural wonders as a source for their artistic inspirations - there exists hundreds of these early

Visiting from Canadian Side
If you want to visit Niagara Falls Tours, Canada, then you have to cross the border. It's easy enough to do so, but you need to carry a valid passport or any other acceptable ID for crossing into Canada. The Rainbow Bridge, which connects the two countries, the US and Canada.
If once you pass through all the customs of Canada, and move towards the Table Rock Welcome Centre, which is located directly across Horseshoe Falls and offers great vision without any entry fee. Kids will enjoy Niagara's Fury, which is a 4D attraction that shows how the falls were formed. Visitors can also buy a ticket for Journey Behind the Falls, which is almost similar to the Cave of the Winds experience. But the Cave of the Winds is seasonal whereas Journey Behind the Falls is open all the year round.
Very Best Things to do in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Tours. A guided tour makes your Niagara Falls trip hassle-free; it's easy to travel independently. The most visited places in Niagara falls are as listed below:
• Niagara Falls Boat Tours
• Journey Behind the Falls.
• Whirlpool Jetboat.
• Butterfly Conservatory.
• Botanical Gardens.
• Fallsview Casino Resort.
• Niagara Winery Tours.

The view of Niagara Falls from Canada Side has better vision, So, it’s better for you to try your Niagara Falls Tour Canada. Have a safe tour in Niagara Falls Tours Canada and have fun.

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