There are around 18 million people around the globe that suffer from the sleep apnea. It is usual for such people to get up at night as their breathing stops for about a period of 20-30 seconds on some occasions. At times this disorder could be life threatening but the good news for its patients is that now there are several treatments for available for it. The most common of them are the Cpap and the bi-level cpap devices.

CPAP Machines: CPAP machines are also known as continuous positive airway pressure devices that ensure a constant flow of air into the lungs. The machine is equipped with a number of cpap accessories that can be replaced in case they are worn out. The most important ones are the compressor which is about the size of a shoes box and a sleep mask which has to be worn over the nose while sleeping. Resmed CPAP masks are one of the better options in case replacements are required. The tube is attached from the mask which is air delivered and opens up the obstructed air way so that the person can breathe easily while sleeping.

It is worth mentioning that the CPAP machines and masks can be a little difficult to adjust with the innovation in the designs of the CPAP machines the patients have plenty of options to choose the unit that fits them the best.
BPAP Machines: Also known as the Bi level positive airway or the Bi level CPAP. This machine not only pushes the air inwards into the body but it also maintains the air pressure through the use of sensors to facilitate easy exhalation. Because of this additional feature they are more expensive as compared to their counterparts. If the investment is not a problem it is suggested by the experts that a BPAP machine should be used by the patients who have problems in exhalation because the level of comfort and relief is much greater as compared to other alternatives.

In the strictly scientific sense, the Bi level positive air pressure machine is used by people who suffer from the neurological condition known as Central sleep apnea which is quite rare.

These are the most common solutions however many more machines have struck the markets these days.

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