Various research studies prove the high correlation between a person’s state of mind and the clothing she or he wears. In a recent survey, the proponents noted how people who are in a sad state in their lives tend to have a generally unkempt appearance. On the contrary, those who are happy and have a feeling of satisfaction with what is going on with their lives prefer to dress up and maintain a clean look.

If you ask any fashion guru or stylist, they will agree that the quality of a person’s relationship with other people influences the way that individual looks and feels. That means the way we style ourselves changes according to the quality of relationship we are in or the way we feel about our relations with people.

Some would even say that the way we dress is equivalent to art - with our bodies as canvas and the clothes we wear as the medium. And just like art, we convey a message with the way we dress.

Here are some of the most common emotional phases that we go through in life, particularly when we are in a relationship, and how the stages influence our clothing style.

The Happy Stage

A 2013 study from the University of Hertfordshire, under Professor Karen Pine, revealed that in a group of 100 women, those who were in a happy relationship were inclined to put on their favorite dress than those who were in troubled relationships. That means the individuals were more likely to don clothes and accessories that they associate with the feeling of happiness.

The Confident Stage

Being confident in the relationship you are in can also have a profound impact on the way you dress. With the right level of confidence in your relationship, you get to sail through the bad times in your life in a relatively optimistic manner.
Of course, it is worth noting that all of us will have our doubts at some point in the relationship. However, it is still important to build the confidence and trust in a relationship that will make you and your partner feel secure. When you do, you are more likely to accessorize or wear clothes that are expressive such as hats and clutches.
Another study observed that women prefer to wear hats, stylish shoes, and other accessories when they are happy and confident, and not when they are in a depressive episode.

The Dejected Stage

No one would want to experience a depressed phase in a relationship. That is why it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your relationship from going on a downward spiral. However, whether we like it or not, not all relationships are meant to last. For most of the relationships we get into, it is inevitable for us to experience the dejected stage.
According to research, a person who is in this particular phase often wears dark-hued clothes like brown, gray, and black. Others who just broke up may even wear the same set of clothes for days at a time before finally changing into new ones. Let’s admit it, some of us have been in this situation.


The way our personal lives and relationships affect our clothing style is truly undeniable. Our moods and current outlook in life can influence the way we dress.
However, the clothes we wear and the way we style ourselves can also motivate us into feeling positive about the relationships we have. It’s a two-way street for our disposition and personal style. Sometimes, we just need a little wardrobe boost to feel happy, sexy, and confident.

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Stephanie Wheatly is a designer who creates inspiring clothing pieces. She also writes about fashion and life on the sidelines of a fast lane. Steph loves to organize events and venues for the expression of people’s individual styles in both clothes and writeups. Now, Steph is making her mark in the fashion industry as she works with different clients. It is only when she’s not working with people who share her passion that she finds the time to pen her thoughts at home.