There exists a massive number of aspects that can go into the process of buying the best modern pendant lights for your home, so it can easily become overwhelming to look at the many variations in design and detailing that each light may come with. It’s also very important to know about the maintenance of pendant lights so this guide will provide you with a little education on how to know what to look for as well as how to maintain having such a classy touch to your home.

Location, Location, Location

Before you have even begun looking at designs, you should have an idea of where you are planning to put this flash of elegance in your home because the best modern pendant lights can come in many styles and some of which may not suit the ambiance of your home. Once you have found the right location, the next factor to consider is the size of the light you desire. Pendant lights can range from mini pendants, which are for smaller spaces such as the area above a desk or kitchen counter, to voluptuous drum pendants, which are better suited in rooms that are more open and have more space.

You don’t want the size of your pendant light to consume the available space of the room. It’s crucial to find the right size for your area. Generally, the larger the space, the bigger the light you can hang in that location, but you also do not want the light to hang too low, so many come with adjustable chains to allow for better manipulation.

What Is Most Important in Buying Modern Pendant Lighting?

The most valuable thing to consider in browsing for your pendant light is the purpose that it will serve. The best modern pendant lights can be useful for lighting a specifically targeted area, which is a task light, lighting the entire room or the majority of your space, which is an ambient light, lighting a certain piece of artwork or other design feature you’d like to highlight, which is an accent light, and lastly, lighting that serves for purposes of looking beautiful, which is a decoration light.

The next factor crucial to your purchase is finding the appropriate height from which the light will hang, and this depends on the type of light you want. For the typical 8-foot-tall ceiling, a safe rule to guide yourself by is that the light should be 12 to 18 inches below the ceiling, and you may add 3 inches for every foot greater than 8. You don’t want the light to appear as if it’s sprouting right from the ceiling, but you also don’t want it too low to your surfaces, so finding the right height is very important.

Elegance Requires Maintenance

Cleaning your modern pendant lights will be an easy process. First, you must gather some cleaning supplies that would aid you in the process of making your lights sparkle again, and some of which may consist of a clean cloth, compressed air, a spray water bottle, a glass cleaning product, and a screwdriver if needed.

Then, you can turn the lights off, and while being very careful if you’re standing on something to reach it, you can remove the shade or glass cover if possible. Next, you can use your cleaning products to bring back the shine. Many pendant lights have glass, so using a simple cloth with water or a cleaning product of your choice will have your light cleaned in no time.

Be sure to dry any spots that you use water on because you don’t want to end up with water spots in your light. For lights that you are able to remove, you may bring it to your sink and use warm water and dish soap to clean it unless there is a certain detailing or paint on it, in which a dry cloth is best.

Why Modern Pendant Lighting?

These types of lights come in many variations, and your possibilities may seem endless, but hanging a pendant light creates an ambiance of class and elegance. The area will appear cleaner and better maintained because of how pendant lights can focus on a certain small area or illuminate the entire room.

The ability to do one or the other in a single style of light is valuable and highly effective. Especially since many modern pendant lights are made of glass, it coincides with the contemporary style of crisp and clean colors and edges. You’ll never regret having a modern pendant light in your home.

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