The most dependable internet marketing strategy you can use online is actually building relationships with others. With constant changes being made online concerning search engine algorithms or content submissions the need to maintain a 'grass roots' approach to generating internet traffic is all the more important! Nothing can compromise or dilute the results you can get from building relationships and it is your ability to do so that is the core of your online marketing success. Consider the loyalty you are able to develop and how this impacts your reputation and the stability of your business. Remember there are no search engine 'policy' or 'algorithm' changes that can affect or alter any relationships you are able to forge with others!

Here are 3 cost free tactics you can use that depend upon you 'connecting' with others to generate a loyal and steady stream of internet traffic.


Writing articles for distribution online offers many benefits such as attracting internet traffic and building credibility. This strategy however starts with developing a connection with your readers in order for it to work. The content you publish needs to reach out and 'touch' the people who view it in a way that captures their attention and maintains their interest. By consistently creating articles that do so allows the author to develop a following that will actively search for any new content they may publish.

Social Networking

The whole idea behind social networking is building relationships with others who share your interest, opinions or even needs! There is little behind successfully 'making' friends' with others that involves technical skills or the help of any search engines. Establishing strong connections on any networking site allows for the potential to tap into the enormous power of viral marketing for your business. Word of mouth advertising is possibly the most effective and certainly the most efficient way to promote goods and services online. The amount of internet traffic you can receive from this strategy is not limited to just that one site since people tend to 'spread the word' at other locations as well!


Blogging is considered by many to be a forerunner to social networking sites since in effect this is exactly the role most blogs play. It would be fair and accurate to describe any successful blogging platform as a highly focused social network site that attracts others that share an interest in the theme of the content. These sites also allow for interaction between and amongst visitors and the site owner as well which is very conducive to building relationships. Once again the connection and/or bond developed overrides the influence of any search engine or internet policy changes!

The one internet marketing strategy that continues to remain unaffected by any of the many online 'policy' changes is based upon building relationships with people. Most internet traffic tends to come and go since no 'connection' is made with these folks. This leaves you and your business all the most susceptible to search engine 'adjustments' and other changes that affect your traffic and ultimately your marketing success. The 3 tactics for generating internet traffic offered above allow you to connect with people developing the necessary bonds needed for loyalty, stability and long term marketing success! Successfully employing these strategies will help you avoid the 'tempest' of ongoing changes to policies and regulations many face when working online.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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