AffiloJetpack is the next huge thing from super affiliate Mark Ling and his Affilorama team.

And it may well well revolutionize the way we go about marketing and advertising on the net. Gone are the days of toiling endlessly over a keyboard and having frustrated with niche research, css, ftp and content creation. As for a newsletter series – genuinely, who has the time or energy?

The team at Affilorama are no strangers to net promoting, in fact their founder, Mark Ling, has been making use of the world-wide-web to make dollars since well prior to the phrase ‘internet marketing’ was even coined. But not only has Mark Ling made loads of income, he has also given back to the IM community with the cost-free affiliate marketing hub,

You may perhaps already be familiar with Marks other offerings, the 12 week step-by-step AffiloBlueprint course or the incredibly preferred extension towards the no cost Affilorama membership – Affilorama Premium. But AffiloJetpack is diverse from anything that Mark and his group have done just before, mainly because it isn’t a marketing and advertising blueprint, nor is it a membership.

Mark Ling and his group have listened to other marketers frustrations and also the roadblocks within the industry as a whole and have come out firing with AffiloJetpack.

If you’ve been marketing and advertising for a while, you know that there are a number of hurdles that you need to push through to achieve any success at all. Factors like a lack of time, cash and basic skills are daunting sufficient, but what about the details like writing articles, getting traffic and keeping motivated throughout it all?

And how much assist are you acquiring by way of all this?

AffiloJetpack basically addresses every single from the issues that internet marketers face and then blasts them sky higher.

1 – A Option of 10 Niches

Selecting a niche may be the bane of quite a few new marketers lives and is exactly where the fist signs of analysis paralysis kick in. So the team at Affilorama have taken the work out of it and given you the alternative of 5 out of 10 niches which are proven winners.

2 – A Purpose Built Website

Building a web site has got to be one in the scariest concepts facing most beginner marketers and we have seen men and women do truly silly factors just to avoid having to set up a web page of their own! AffiloJetpack has an entire web page that is built specifically for each and every niche. Including 20 high good quality articles for every internet site.

Now this is in which AffiloJetpack gets truly interesting……

3 – All The Ingredients For Your List

Included in the package is an autoresponder series containing 80 e-mails – some of which Mark Ling himself has written. That is certainly the extent of the high quality.

4 – eBook Bonus

Every single niche has its own set of giveaway bonus eBooks the you can use in your promotions.

5 – Times 5

With AffiloJetpack you don’t just get a single of these packages, you get five!

6 – Site visitors

The team at Affilorama can’t physically direct targeted visitors to your web page, but they can train you in numerous targeted traffic generation methods. Also combined with some affordable seo hiring from Drift Rank SEO can do the magic.

7 – Assistance

The help at Affilorama is unprecedented. The group are actually knowledgeable and super friendly.

I strongly recommend to get the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint. Nevertheless you should read the whole Zero Down Traffic Blueprint Review here.

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Veronica is professional internet marketer in USA