One of the most essential influences on start-ups in the modern age are online tools that facilitate productivity, help the business attain a larger share of the market and find out what the average consumer really wants. Discussed below are some of the most effective software tools for your start-up launch that will help businesses in all aspects of their day to day operations –
1. Ideation with MindMeister
MindMeister is a mind-mapping online software that allows start-ups to brainstorm and cooperate with co-workers in real time. The key features of this software are –
 Recognizing worker activity to generate innovative ideas
 Effective note taking in real time
 Project planning
 Create presentations by turning mind-maps into lively slideshows
Furthermore, MindMeister can also be integrated with the task management software called MeisterTask which makes it easy for employees to convert ideas directly into actionable responsibilities and implant them into the official company workflow.
2. Detailed Market Research with Typeform
Typeform makes it easy for companies to power their brand’s interactions with target audiences. Typeform offers stunningly designed online forms that can be used to –
 Collect customer feedback
 Conduct market research surveys
 Mange job applications
 Take direct payments
The software creates engaging ways for companies to interact with their audiences.
3. Design made easy with Fotor
Fotor is the ultimate internet service for editing and creating images. Rich with features such as amazing editing tools and a wide range of pre-set templates, this tool has over 300 million users around the world who use it to drive their online marketing campaigns.
4. Testing with Userlytics
Userlytics is a highly advanced online user testing platform that enables administrators to swiftly discover usability and design problems on any digital space (be it a website, apps, competitor assets, etc.). This software is usable on any digital device making it easy for administrators to check and fix any programming issue instantly.
5. Project Management with Asana
Asana is an online tool that helps members of a start-up easily organize and supervise their day to day tasks. It helps businesses move smoother and quicker making everyone on the team aware of the team’s plan and procedure. Asana’s scheduling system is complicated and incorporates the geo-tags of the workers to make sure that every member of the team is constantly aware of everything that’s happening around them. Giants such as Uber, MLB and the Gates Foundation employ Asana to supervise everything – from their product launches to day to day task progress.
6. Transparent Communication made easy with Flowdock
Flowdock is this century’s most effective team communication software. Considered vital to several top companies’ organizational structure, Flowdock has helped workforces around the world transform their day to day work into by-product of effective collaboration and communication. Their severely organized chat system and an effective integration inbox (this tool can be integrated with over 80+ commonly used communication software tools) has made it easy for workers to stay constantly up to date with every single team effort.
With the help of one or more of these online tools, startups can indeed go for an effective launch!
In the present age, online tools are extremely crucial for any business, even for start-up launches. Each tool comes with its own functionality. While tools like Fotor and Flowdock assist in effective design creation and transparent communication respectively, others like Typeform enable the start-up to go for detailed market research.

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