There is a wealth of options when you consider kitchen remodelling ideas. One of the key aspects doing rounds in kitchens across the world is benchtops. Bringing in a lot of positive energy to the cooking space, benchtops are available in a wide variety of forms and makes. The tops are crafted from materials as mentioned below; each having their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So, before you think of settling for a material, consider the pros and cons associated with it. Here is a good round up of everything: 

What makes natural stone a feasible choice for kitchen tops? 

Natural stones especially, marble and granite are among the choicest of options available when it comes to kitchen benchtops. They are extremely admirable and have an intrinsic property to add value to the interiors. Naturally formed, these stones lend a natural look to the space while adding to the elegance of the kitchen; also, both granite and marble are known for their beautiful patterns and shades. The mineral deposits inside the stones give them a unique look. Adding character to kitchens, the stone made Kitchen Benchtops in Malaga, are wonderful statements. However you may want to reconsider the porous nature of both stones, which make them susceptible to stains. Also they get etched very easily. Hence stone benchtops need to be resealed for best results. 


Another great option available nowadays, concrete Kitchen Benchtops in Applecross bear a stunning sheen. They are seamlessly built and are handcrafted to excellence. Also these concrete works are unique in nature. Being porous, concrete tops will require sealing to ensure kitchen elements like soil, vinegar or wine do not penetrate into the structure. Also an impervious coating will help the top remain intact, without stains. However, you must think twice before placing hot utensils or items on them. They may need resealing in every 5-10 years. Also concrete benchtops showcase slimmer designs to fit around modern decor. The raw matte finish is more likely to grab your eyeballs. 


Also an excellent choice when considering benchtops for kitchens, wood offers a timeless appeal to the space. Being a natural element they showcase an original look and feel adding elegance to the space. They make for a perfect feature especially when you are considering stunningly classic designs for your kitchen. The thick wooden top can go along with both contemporary schemes as well as rustic appeal. 

Wood benctops are little more expensive than those crafted from other materials. They are a precious addition for kitchens and need to be handled with care in order to ensure that they last long. However wood like other materials is also subject to wear, if not more. Also, you must make sure that the wood doesn’t get wet. Wetness can lead to major issues and hence the benchtop needs to be cleaned with dry cloth. If you are thinking of investing in hardwood benchtops, make sure you are opting for slower growing timber which are naturally non-porous and are meant to last much longer. Always make sure you have obtained certified wood from the market. 

Other materials such as laminate and engineered wood are commonly used for crafting excellent kitchen benchtops. 

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