Neil - Pass 30-year-old, who is very depressed because his wife left him, a friend has committed suicide, a series of "bad" thing made him desperate, bored at home, crying for a week. However, after crying, and he reluctantly found that the day had to go on, so determined to start a "fun thing" site, wrote a happy thing every day, insist on a total of 1000 days. The site has been set up 470 days, and 1,700 people around the world to find happiness.

There will always experience a lot of things large and small, from which we selected the 30 most happy thing, they are some of daily life that maybe you did not usually pay attention, you can feel a reminded of will, the world instantly become so beautiful!

1, touch the pocket, even found it rich.
2, succeeded to catch up will have to start the car or train.
3, when you come, others according to the elevator door for you "on" button,.
4, the phone rings, you pick up the handset that is just thinking of the people.
5, asked people to scratch itch your back, he suddenly scratch to the most itchy part.
6, suddenly remembered your childhood best friend's phone number.
7, are you going to buy something the price.
8, clean and neatly tear off an adhesive price tags.
9, the clothes get the stains, but easily washed off.
10, the fingers pick out the thorns.
11, listen to barbecue grill issued a "hissing" sound.
12, trash, accurate and cast into the dustbin
13, thinking today is Wednesday, is actually Friday.
14, chat with friends, celebrity gossip.
15, there is the last piece into the puzzle in the pattern.
16, removed from the washing machine is just two pair of socks.
17, a perfect knock open an egg.
18, received a letter, the address is handwritten.
19, empty the computer's Recycle Bin.
20, has finally solved a deadlock.
21, changed the sheets clean, new sheets.
22, when the plane, a big row of seats to you alone.
23, hot weather, drink a glass of ice water.
24, snow, the first step had trodden.
25, eat my mother's fried eggs.
26, opened a half-day car, all the way are green.
27, need a hug, I get a warm hug.
28, line up, you where the fastest team.
29, advertising time for the channel, when turn back to it that the program is just beginning.
30, that next year's birthday is Saturday or Sunday.

Sometimes happiness is such a simple thing, we were moved by a small detail, and happy, so we use the optimistic and positive attitude to face life, you will live better and happier!

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