It has been another summer heat season, and there are people who are thankful to have portable generators to get them through electricity shutdown. Unfortunately there are people who have issues with generators due to low maintenance or wrong installation every year. It makes it very difficult to get through an electricity shutdown.

Many people even do their own clean up routine every month to guarantee everything is in acceptable condition. Still, many things can go wrong and this is why we are telling you some few hilarious complaints that people have shared (and we cannot stop laughing):

Reading your “own” manual is very important

Simon said:

I just replaced my generator. Instead of reading the newly installed generator manual, I took the old manual and followed accordingly. Obviously the results were scary.”

If you do not want to share the same funny story then try not to play over smart so that you know how this one functions since you've used different generators previously. Every generator type is different and their differences enable them to handle them differently. Focus, read and completely understand your generator's manual. So, when the power is on, you know what you have to do. It empowers you to be ready for anything and give support when the power goes out.

Time is everything

Rabeca shared:
“I was overwhelmed by the whole oil changing schedule. I added double of the amount to avoid adding it multiple times. Yes, I ended up calling generator repair service because everything went out of my control and hand.”

Service Square suggests to see in your manufacturer manual the care plan for your generator. Very similar as your vehicle, your generator needs oil changes, air channels, and it needs them more frequently. Oil change intervals are around 50 hours for some portable generators, which implies that if you have a drawn out electricity shutdown, you need to be set up to replace the oil every other day. Keep a lot of maintenance and replacement supplies close by, and track the overall performance of your generator.

Oiling is the only rule

Aliyah wrote:
“Generator was new for me. I decided to save some money and do the oiling by myself. Considering myself a pro, I choose the wrong oil and ta-da! Generator stopped working.”

If you do not want to become a victim of your own experience, follow these steps below and thanks us later:

Some top of the line generators have some warnings to get ready for this, but most generators can be damaged if they run totally out of fuel. This can destroy the generator's loops and decrease the life of the unit.

Stale gas is definitely a big no

Regardless of whether it's in a gas can or as of now in your generator, fuel can turn worse surprisingly fast. To keep fuel new, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas. Also, toward the end of the season (or after each use, if you use your generator rarely) channel any remaining fuel before turning off the generator.

Keep up the good shelter

To keep your generator running during severe climate, it's essential to shield it from downpour and wind - however the test is that you can never keep the generator inside. A transitory structure that allows waves of wind current, for example, a shelter tent that is open on all sides, is a modest and simple arrangement. If you use your generator on a regular basis, you should seriously think about having a proper place which is open from all sides. Car garage is a worse place to keep your generator as it is closed and internal space. So, simply do not ever consider it as an option.

Set your limit

Each device requires a specific wattage to run, and each generator has an evaluated wattage limit. It's essential to ascertain your absolute wattage burden and ensure it's underneath what your generator can deal with, or you can cause permanent damage to your generator.

Energize it

Like your vehicle, your generator's starter battery will bite the dust if it will be left untouched for a really long time. When not in customary use, try running your generator for about a half hour at regular intervals. This will guarantee that it will fire up when you need it to.

Need help dealing with your generator, or maybe you're ready to make the move up to a problem free standby generator? Call up at Service Square for the help you are looking for.

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