Adapted from the book Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self”

-by Certified Life Coach Hu Dalconzo, Copyright © 2002

DIS-CREATION is the most important discovery in the last 75 years! It’s the “missing step” of the conscious creation process. When you add Dis-Creation to your Conscious Creation Process, you’ll be clearing away your mental roadblocks and emotional baggage (resistance) that are short-circuiting your divine ability to be a conscious creator.

The conscious creation process NEEDS both a positive and negative charges of energy to exist. Life is composed of positive and negative charges of energy, from the smallest subatomic particle to our immense sun. Depending on the context, humanity has a variety of terms to describe these contrasts of polar opposites. Batteries have positive and negative terminals. Eastern spiritual thought refers to the yin & yang energies of duality. Metaphysically we refer to it as paradoxical. Religions impart a moral judgment on it and define it as good & evil. Emotionally we call this happy and sad. The medical institutions call it healthy and dis-eased. Conscious Creation needs both a positive and a negative charge of energy to manifest from the unseen world of spirit, to the seen world of solid matter.

The Conscious Creation Process is based on three Laws of Self-mastery:

(1) Nothing changes until it becomes what it is…Love. No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; therefore you are either resonating Love or Fear. And your beliefs create your reality.

(2) The Conscious Creation Process is a series of specific actions that bring about an expected end result…your desires. It is through this series of specific spiritual exercises that you can manifest your desires. The Conscious Creation Process is based on the following hypothesis: Thoughts create feelings; feelings create action; actions create habits; habits create beliefs; beliefs attract similar beliefs; similar beliefs form belief systems; belief systems create human identities; and it’s your human identities that create your reality!

(3) You create from the unseen to the seen… from the invisible to the visible. What you see in front of you has no power over you because it is simply your old karma running off. Most people think that they are their thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are the creator of your thoughts, and therefore you are FREE to think any thoughts you want. You can choose to think thoughts of love, healing, and prosperity OR you can think thoughts of fear, lack, and dis-ease. This choice brings with it great personal responsibility, for you shall experience the thoughts that you choose to think!

DIS-CREATION is a compound word that means… To consciously stop RECREATING negatively programmed beliefs and then to consciously create what it is that you do want to create. Negative beliefs are not good or bad, right or wrong, they just are! Most people go through life hauling around a lot of useless emotional freight simply because they don’t know how to free themselves from their negative core beliefs.

The DIS-CREATION process was developed to teach you how to effectively deal with your core negative beliefs. Most people aren’t consciously aware of their core negative beliefs because they are so basic to their way of thinking that they don’t realize that they are beliefs at all; they assume that “it’s just the way life is.”

There are three developmental cycles to the CONSCIOUS CREATION PROCESS:

You will keep unconsciously creating your life until you “awaken” to the fact that you have co-created all the positive and negative experiences of your life because… your beliefs create your reality.

When you awaken spiritually to the fact that your beliefs create your reality, you can then take an inventory of your core negative beliefs and consciously choose to dis-create them. You can train yourself to FEEL and HEAR when you are negatively sub-vocalizing your core negative beliefs so that you can stop unconsciously re-programming them, and then consciously program any positive beliefs that you do want to create into your life.

As a Self-mastered be-ing with a clean slate of mind, you can consciously create any beliefs you want based solely on what it is you want to experience!

In closing, study, practice and emotionalize the following Creation/Dis-Creation Cycle until you can share it with your soul friends.

Namaste’, my soul friends

Author's Bio: 

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach who has logged in over 25,000 hours Coaching since 1993. He is a scholar of famous psycho-spiritual self-help authors works such as Tolle and Chopra in the same way a psychologist might be a scholar of Maslow or Freud’s work. Coach Hu has invested three decades of his life researching, studying, clinically testing and systematizing the works of hundreds of famous gurus, saints and self-help authors such as Ram Dass, Tolle, Chopra, Zukav, Williamson, Hay and Singer into an educational learning system that has evolved into the 1st Authentic Spiritual Life Coaching Healing Modality called the HuMethod™.

The HuMethod™ title was chosen because the word “Hu” refers to the subconscious, divine and quantum powers that exist within all human beings. Mastering how to tap into these Universal Powers is why HuMethod™ Certified Coaches are able to create the permanent behavioral changes needed for their clients to manifest their self-help goals as quickly as humanly possible.