Do you believe in this statement “the most important thing- hard work?
Because if you do what are you basing your belief on seeing your family and friends working hard or yourself hoping to find at the end of the rainbow that pot of gold.

This belief about working hard to attain success has been around for a very long time and has affected many families in a positive way bringing them great rewards and to other families have torn them apart because the parental figure was never their when the children needed help and support.

Because some people have attain success with working hard others have followed suite hoping not to reinvent the wheel but do what others have done and hope for success.

You may know personally some family or yourself working hard and keep hoping that it will make a difference yet some success is develop but not what you hope for.

Having the right thinking and aligning yourself to your true nature of things that make you happy using the principles of success does make a difference.

Thoughts help to create

Your thoughts help to create the world that you live in so having a thought
about working hard you will look for proof to reinforce this thinking and belief and even when you attain success you may still hold onto this belief and continue to work hard.

If working hard was a sure thing for success everyone who works hard daily would be millionaires by now so this belief is a false belief because it does not hold truth in all situations.

The law of the universe is what ever you focus on be it positive or negative it will happen with intention and perseverance because you are using a part of your brain which is the reticular activator which helps you to attract the things you are constantly looking at.

Natural flows

There are natural flows for things to occur and you can help it along but it will need time for it to grow, think of a seed that you planted too much water and you kill it so working hard does not mean it will happen faster for your success.

Every act is a success in itself because you are going forward taking action, how you judge it or who is judging it can be positive or negative.

Signs for working hard

Some of the signs for working hard are fear of not succeeding so the person believes that the more they push or put more energy into something it will work yet the universe has shown you that time are needed for things to fall into place like the seasons.

End goal

Working hard is not the end goal but a way of doing things to get you to what you want in life and this maybe security or freedom or desire to retire early and have enough for you and your family.

Becoming conscious that you can attain what you want in different ways and getting the support of others will bring your goals to you faster and easier.

Conclusion : The most important thing –hard work is a belief that some people have use and is still using to help them become successful but it is not necessary the right ingredient that makes a difference to success.

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