“…you realize that all along that there was something tremendous within you, and you did not know it.’’


This article applies to EVERYTHING, including the Coronavirus, or CV, I’ll call it from now on.

Let’s cover some groundwork or a FOUNDATION for this discussion, to help you understand WHAT you can do to HELP yourself.

The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn is a remarkable book about The Game of Life. She notes that there are 3 departments of the mind…the conscious, the subconscious and the superconscious mind. Even people with evil minds and intentions possess these same 3 departments of the mind.

She goes on to say “whatever man feels deeply or images clearly (Visualization, like I talk about in my last article), is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carries it out in MINUTE detail.

She told a story about a woman who ‘made believe’ she was a widow, when she was a little girl. She dressed in black clothing, and wore a long black veil. Adults were amused by this. When she grew up, she married a man who she sincerely and deeply loved. In a very short time, he died, and she wore black and a long black veil for many years. The picture of herself as a widow was impressed upon her subconscious, and in due time, worked itself out, regardless of the pain it caused.

Ms. Shinn says the conscious mind has been called mortal or carnal mind and sees life as it appears to be. It sees death, disease, sickness, poverty and limitation, and it impresses the subconscious. It takes a lot for a person to see life in another way, ESPECIALLY now.

According to her wisdom, the superconscious mind is the God Mind within each man or woman, and is the realm of perfect ideas. It is spoken of by Plato, as the The Divine Design; for there is a Divine Design for each person.

There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do’. Florence Scovil Shinn.

She says there is a perfect picture of this in the superconscious mind that usually flashes across the conscious mind as unattainable…too good to be true. However this Infinite Intelligence is within each man and woman, alike.

Even in The Bible, it was was said “The Kingdom was within man”. Yet so few understand what that really, really is or even means.


As a hypnotherapist, we learn that in your lifetime, your CONSCIOUS mind is ONLY about 10-12% of your thinking; your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, which dictates your everyday life, runs 88-90% of your thinking. That’s a HUGE difference in percentages. DURING the 1st few years of your childhood, approximately 1 - 9 years old, you’re developing the SUBCONSCIOUS mind, as your LIFETIME foundation. Think about building a house, if you make the house with cheap materials and not well put together, one storm can take it down; maybe two or three storms. If it’s FOUNDATION is solidly built, no storm or major ground shift will affect it

Many families in America grew up in dysfunctional households, which is unfortunate. From generation to generation, we’ve passed on unhealthy lifestyles, in body, mind and spirit. Children were subject to poor LIFETIME foundations…in other words, FOUNDATIONS that were weak and not solidly built. REMEMBER 88-90% OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING RUNS YOUR LIFE.

Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” has different illnesses and ailments in the back and they give you affirmations for your conditions. It also explains WHY you developed those conditions.

So, throughout your childhood, you’ve being influenced by parents, peers, teachers and whomever you come in contact with and they make deep impressions on your SUBCONSCIOUS thinking. You don’t reject their input or influence at this age. Once your subconscious ACCEPTS what has been taught, very little can change your reactions to your environment going forward. This is why ‘SO MANY PEOPLE’ don’t know why things don’t work out when they think of it, consciously. They think they’re making their own decisions. They’re not. You pull information from your LIFETIME subconscious. Your SUBCONSCIOUS is running the old program, or as some say, playing the same ole song.

A small percentage of people escape the FAMILY & EARLY AGE PROGRAMMING.

I’ll make you aware of something you may or may not know. Remember, we’re laying the foundation RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

You pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You heard me right. You pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…with your THOUGHTS and your WORDS, as well as, the THOUGHTS and WORDS that were impressed upon you, during your FOUNDATION period. When you put your hands together and ‘say a prayer’ at church or at the dinner table, you’re doing a ‘formal prayer’, you’re requesting something or asking something. SOME people put gratefulness and thankfulness into their prayers. Some don’t. Even if you have no beliefs, you can do these solution based suggestions (at the end) because any LIVING human can be in harmony with their own body and REPROGRAM.

Your prayers are being answered DAILY on a subconscious level.
When you think negatively, when you give in to drama, when you talk about other people, this is ALL the subconscious can give BACK to you. You’ve given it NO SUBSTANCE, nothing GOOD or POSITIVE to feed on, HOWEVER, you fed the hungry beast of NEGATIVITY.

This might be a quite trivial prayer, but you can understand it. Some people say “God didn’t answer my prayer when I asked for a new car,” because you’ve been telling the subconscious 24/7 that you can’t afford anything and you think negatively that WHOLE time. A two-minute, at night, or on the fly prayer, will NOT bring results. You are a CO-CREATOR with the Universe. You help your circumstances, based on your THOUGHTS, WORDS, & ACTIONS. You CHOOSE whether you want to CHOOSE Joy or Fear. You CHOOSE to focus on what the TV is telling you. You’re caught up in an ever ending cycle. So, it’s up to you. You CHOOSE to make your life BETTER or NOT, even in the midst of the CV shutdown.

It’s very hard to think positively 24/7. In fact, it’s a practice task you have to work at, everyday, in this crazy bizarre world, we call home. Yet, people who spend the majority of their time enjoying life, laughing, speaking of things that are happy and fun, being GRATEFUL for the things they have, being THANKFUL for the things they have, having a different perspective about life than most people, are literally telling the subconscious mind, I want the BEST things life has to offer. It’s nothing wrong with this behavior. They’re not “la-la” people or “head in the sky” people, thinking everything is rosy. They KNOW it’s not. They CHOOSE to make things BETTER for their own lives and people they come in contact because it ALWAYS comes back to them.

People who are MORE POSITIVE than NEGATIVE, other people make fun of them for that or criticize them for that. That’s why THEY’RE miserable half of the time and the positive thinkers are POSITIVE, even though they have bad days too. Positive people also KNOW the world is in turmoil and some people are simply mean, downright cruel and predominantly act or react from emotion; they just CHOOSE not to be apart of it.

Without realizing, whatever you spend time THINKING about, whether that be, worry, money or lack thereof, negative or positive thinking, WHATEVER, you’re THINKING ABOUT primarily (always top of mind) you’re TELLING the Subconscious Mind you want MORE of that, because you do it with lots of emotion and passion. You’re asking by default. The Subconscious Mind RECORDS your conversation down to the very last ‘Mind’ drop. Its’ neutral, so whatever you say, it doesn’t matter, one way or the other. It produces the thing or things you’ve tuned your mind and heart into. Prophets, writers of all ages, and deep thinkers of the past have all told you the same things…The Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, and The Power of the Subconscious Mind to name a few…Positive is the way to go.

If you pray (with a church or a person) several days a week asking for something specific, this isn’t enough to override your everyday THINKING and TALKING. There are a few exceptions. Very few. Although ‘groups of people’ (2 or more people) make prayers more powerful.


The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy is an old book. He was a thought-filled master of ideas and suggestions to help the world. Some people LISTEN. Some don’t. LISTENING is a tool everyone needs in their toolbox. It’s something we can ALL learn to do.

Dr. Murphy says “When you feel physically and mentally disturbed, the best thing you can do is to let go, relax, and STILL the wheels of your thought processes. Speak to your subconscious mind. Tell it to take over in peace, harmony and divine order. You will find that all functions of your body will become normal again. Be sure to speak to your subconscious mind with authority and conviction. It will respond by carrying out your command.”

This won’t work for some of you and if you’re super negative you won’t put in the time to change it. I’m going to break it down even further for you, and hopefully it will help you even more.

For years, I couldn’t understand AFFIRMATIONS. By that I mean, I understood them, however not to the extent of how they were to be used.

If someone gave me an affirmation like “It is safe for me to express my feelings. I forgive myself for not doing so.” I was like ‘ok’, I’ll say it a few times and then what? That’s not how it works, at all.

You HAVE to make an affirmation become a PROGRAMMED RESPONSE TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND…just like Driving.
In other words, YOUR subconscious has to take it as FACT; as a part of YOU. Once you learn to drive, a person can’t UNTEACH you to drive. The only time you won’t be able to drive is if something doesn’t click in your brain, like dementia, or you can’t see or something else that interferes with the brain process.

In other words, you have to REPROGRAM the subconscious mind.
In other words, you have to REPROGRAM the subconscious mind.
In other words, you have to REPROGRAM the subconscious mind.


Let’s take something simple. Say you’ve been told your kidney doesn’t work well and your subconscious accepts that diagnosis, suggestion or that idea. Your affirmation is: “I AM POSITIVE that my body listens to me, and that my kidney is working better than ever before.”

You use the I AM because it’s the most powerful words in the Universe. It connects to your Divinity. Say it before EVERY affirmation. I use it with all my affirmations. Make your affirmations up so it includes the I AM. You repeat this first thing in the morning, just before you go to bed, and say it whenever you think of it throughout the day.

Say it until your subconscious accepts it as FACT!
Say it until your subconscious accepts it as FACT!
Say it until your subconscious accepts it as FACT!


Everyone has a different time frame for this. Maybe you’re the kind of person, that it works instantly for. Maybe you’re the kind of person it will take a month to complete. Maybe three months or a year. All that it requires, is that you keep saying it. Eventually, the subconscious takes over, and SHAZAM, your kidney is functioning normally.

High Blood Pressure: I AM POSITIVE that my BP is normalized and I love and accept myself, totally and completely.

Money issues: I AM POSITIVE that money comes to me easily and effortlessly from sources known and unknown. I believe this to be 100% true!

Pain anywhere: I AM POSITIVE that pain no longer lives in my body. I forgive myself of all past actions that have hurt or diminished someone. Pain is not in harmony with my Divine plan and I love and accept myself, unconditionally. The Higher Intelligence within me is painless and without judgement.

In other words, your AFFIRMATION can be long or short. Make it speak to your SUBCONSCIOUS day in and day out. Remember, you’re REPROGRAMMING the unwanted Programs you have. If you believe “Work Hard For What You Want and Need” and you change that thought to “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, you’ve made a significant paradigm shift in your consciousness and took a lot of stress off at the same time. We can all eliminate stress in our lives, while we lift that 300 lb. weight off our shoulders.


- To REPROGRAM your mind, it costs NOTHING, NADA.
- To REPROGRAM you mind, takes minimal time and none at all when you do it periodically during the day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night is mandatory.
- You have nothing to lose by doing it; and EVERYTHING to gain.
- If you’re a negative thinker, use lots of affirmations to raise your vibration. “I AM POSITIVE I’VE FOUND NEW WAYS TO THINK AND LIVE”.
- You don’t have to exercise to do AFFIRMATIONS.
- No one needs to know you're changing yourself. It your little secret!

A friend of mine, Marie, told me Rev. Greta from Agage (a spiritual organization in Los Angeles) made a statement that makes a lot of sense. She said:

VIRUS = Very Important to Remember to Unite with Spirit!

This time of the CV is a reminder to us ALL to be closer to Spirit. To tap into our Divine Inner Self and BE everything we can be. Let us remind ourselves to help others, to be kind, to have empathy, and to be good to ourselves. That’s why we’re here. To think the opposite of this is counterproductive to our SOULS. It’s a RE-AWAKENING! Its a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING for everyone. It’s calling us to STOP being about me, me, me; to stop focusing on petty things and the faults of others, & to stop being more interested in THINGS, instead of ourselves, our families and experiences that bring us peace. MORE THAN EVER, it’s time to let our SOULS fly among the omnipresence, to touch people’s lives in profound ways, and to Unite Spirit within us, so we can SOAR like the TRUE SOULS we are into LIVES we believed we could ONLY IMAGINE!

Love, Janeska
(Investigative Reporter who dives deep for TRUTH regarding your physical, mental and spiritual well-being)

Smile, Laughter, or Thought For The Day
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

Author's Bio: 

Janeska Smith Asante was born in New York, New York on a frigid winter night in November. Her mother had gone to New York to keep her pregnancy a secret from her parents, even though she was at least 26 years old. To hide her pregnancy, even further, she weighed the idea of throwing Janeska over the Brooklyn Bridge, for at least 24 hours. However, she couldn’t do it, and less than a month later, Janeska ended up living with her Cherokee grandmother, on a steep hill, in a great little yellow house, smack dab in the middle of the country…Omaha, Nebraska.

Her grandmother was a diabetic and she was often sick; so before even attending school, Janeska’s grandmother taught her to grow herbs and food in the garden. She taught her how to wash dishes, clean the house, and wash clothes. At 4-years-old, she was responsible for giving her grandmother Diabetes shots and putting her to bed with HER doll (who happened to be larger than Janeska).
All of her grandmother’s friends, became Janeska’s friends. They were all over 80 and looked at Janeska as their helper and their pathway to healing. Everyday, she was creating herbal concoctions (from the garden) and preparing them for her grandmother’s friends.

There were no children who lived in her grandmother’s neighborhood. So, Janeska just read health and healing books (most of the day) that came from her grandmother’s church, the Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church of Omaha.

Janeska thought this was normal, for kids, since she didn’t have anything to compare it to, yet.

Her granddad was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister and health and healing was a HUGE topic in the SDA Church Community. Her grandmother didn’t really pay much attention to the Health aspect as she should, yet Janeska absolutely LOVED this information. She thought that the food part of the Adventist teachings were fabulous and  she spent every chance she got reading and experimenting with the herbs and remedies taught (from the Bible, from Jethro Kloss, from Ellen G. White, and other ‘whole body teachers’ of our time.

She was healing the elderly before she entered nursery school and she realized she came here with a gift and a knowledge far beyond her years. She even kept her grandmother from getting her leg cut off that doctors insisted must happen, simply from what she knew and studied, at the ripe old age of 4.

This is HOW it all started. Throughout the rest of her life, she continued to research and practice what she knew. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, with a degree in Journalism, she tripled her research and study, helping many people along the way. After that, she became Certified in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She added an emotional component of her healing practice, which many people don’t realize is at the core of their illnesses.

Janeska is also a Self Realization Fellowship member, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who initiated and taught Mahatma Ghandi Kriya Yoga and meditation, which is also a huge part of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection she uses when it comes to health and healing. She became a Kriya Yoga initiate, like Ghandi, in 2018.

She created a Customized Chart for clients and others, to see what areas they need help in. She sends the chart out through email and does online sessions for whomever requests it.

Once she analyzes the Chart, she gives recommendations in all areas of one’s being…Mind, Body & Spirit, so each person is guided to the right things to do to correct inharmonies in the body.

Over the last 3 - 4 decades, Janeska has created a wide range of skills. She’s the author of 3 books (revolving around health and politics), wrote news for KABC (American Broadcasting Company), been a researcher of Mind, Body, Spirit Health, done Event Planning and Produced Events, been a former assistant editor for Essence Magazine, and founded ‘It’s All Connected, Inc.’, a Mind, Body, Spirit Company, which is currently spreading its message of self-healing and inner joy, to all those souls in search of these things.