The most important thing you could ever learn is that YOU are loved, honored, and adored by All-That-Is-Holy.

Nothing you’ve ever done or ever will do could earn this love.

Nothing you’ve ever done or not done ever lost this love.

Nothing you’ll ever do or not do will ever lose this love.

This love is a “given”. That’s the way it’s been set up.

But you have the power to accept this love or reject it.

If you reject it, you reject yourself, but it doesn’t reject you.

This love is always there, waiting for you to accept it and yourself.

Simply tell yourself, over and over, “I am loved” until you come to believe it, because it’s true.

Charles David Heineke

Author's Bio: 

Charles David Heineke is a single, retired, senior citizen with a long history of study in personal development and spiritual growth. He's the author of a number of inspirational poems and essays.