Nothing relaxes you more than Nature! You can have the trendiest indoor, rich with the most ravishing interior décor and the most passionately designed and strategically arranged furniture and fittings and other accessories that add a jaw-dropping visual effect to the interiors. Still, certain simpler, less expensive and ravishing, and ‘closer to nature’ moves will somewhat be more soothing for your psyche — and that’s quite natural. We are much closer to nature than anything else on the planet. Thus, it can very well be said if you renovate your interior with elements that help you feel more at ease with, and closer to nature that will have a far more positive impact on your mind, body, and spirit.

Take, for instance, the issue of bathroom renovation. You will find a number of bathroom renovation experts in Carindale, who will suggest steps that will help you be with nature — almost, as you relax in the bathroom!

Widening of Windows

This is an obvious step, if you want to invite Nature in — at least visually, if not physically. Widen the windows, and ensure that you get an almost panoramic view of nature beyond!! Ensure the view towards the garden outside is unhindered. This comes all the more pertinent if your bathroom overlooks a fenced backyard or trees, a pool, or a vast water body. This expansive and unhindered view of nature outdoors will impart a sense of tranquility in your mind, body, and spirit, helping you further in relaxation, as you spend time caressing and pampering yourself after some tense times.

Let there be light

Yes!! Let there be light! Indeed, when you open up your bathroom to nature it not only opens you up to a visual treat that nature has to offer, but a lot of natural light and breeze, making your bathroom airier, and more bright and dazzling, adding a vibe of positivity that is soon transmitted to your psyche, making you a healthier person, mentally.

Add Greenery

Carve out corners and innovate space where you can add greenery. Grow indoor plants, if possible, the ones with medicinal value. These indoor plants supported the vibrancy of the natural light and all the outdoor greenery will add natural focal points to your bathroom. They will reduce the level of certain pollutants, arrest the airborne dust particles, increase the humidity level, and thus lower your stress level significantly.

Incorporate suitable natural elements

When it comes to taking care of the floors and wall, vanity, and accessories, there are umpteen numbers of options of incorporating suitable natural elements. When carrying out bathroom renovations in Capalaba, opt for natural elements like hardwoods, cork and stones, bamboos, and the likes to add a natural themed appeal. The idea is to bring in a bit of nature indoor, into your bathroom.

Opting for the earth tone of paint

For a bathroom that is rich with a natural appeal of nature, a bright, flashy and extravagant colour of paint will act as a spoiler. Thus, while painting, opt for the softer, earthen tones that are reminiscent of the beaches or jungles, plains and valleys, and other natural locales. Whether you go with green and blue of the oceans for your favourite sea-themed bathroom, or the browns and tans for a dry wooden space, you can augment the look and feel of the space with thematic colours.

Thus you see, adding these elements is one clever way to make your bathroom greener and add more nature to your very much urban life.

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The author owns a company that carries out bathroom renovations in Carindale and Capalaba. The author is also a regular blogger.