Tobacco and smoking has a long and checkered history dating. Pictorial records of smoking date back to the 11th century. Below is a synopsis of the history of smoking. cigarettes, cigars and tobacco. Rates of cigarette smoking vary widely, and have changed considerably over the course of history – since cigarettes were first widely used in the mid-19th century. While rates of smoking have over time leveled off or declined in the developed world, they continue to rise in developing nations.

Cigarettes are ingrained in every culture and are part of mainstream historically. It entices men and women alike by glamorizing their advertisements. Each brand draws users and non-users by marketing through sexy packaging and freebies. It targets minorities most especially through the influence of movies and hip-hop music. With over 15 billion cigarettes sold daily, the battle between cigarette makers is tighter than ever.

The tobacco industry remains highly lucrative despite the decades-long health campaign against them. Popular tobacco brands are especially targeted by activists. Arguably a billion dollar industry, tobacco has withstood the test of time. It is the only trade that continues to thrive despite the increasing restrictions and market challenges. It adapts well with the changing times through its ingenuity and resilience.

Here are the most popular cigarette brands:

  • Marlboro –Marlboro is the most popular cigarette brand in the world. Marlboro cigarettes became the symbol of America, associated with freedom, independence and certainly cowboys, which in their turn represent the essence of masculinity.
  • Winston – Winston is a household brand loved by America and the whole world. There exist several production lines of this brand. Starting with the classic line, known and popular worldwide till recently appeared lines, such as Super Slims production line, appeared in 2007 which includes such kind as Lights Menthol, Lights and Super Lights. Particular production line of Winston cigarettes is certainly Winston Premier. Winston cigarettes of this sort are considered to be the elite ones and are meant for real connoisseurs of good old traditions of cigarette manufacturing.
  • Camel – Camel is one of the oldest cigarette brands worldwide with earliest production dated in 1913. Camel cigarettes, as well as Marlboro ones, are symbols of America. Their popularity started with mass advertising campaigns which were held in America and most European countries. One of the main sorts of Camel, which gained huge popularity, is Camel Non Filter cigarettes, which are much appreciated by connoisseurs of non filtered cigarettes, manufactured in compliance with old traditions of tobacco manufacturing.
  • L&M – The entry of this brand in the market in 1953, presented an affordable option for smoking connoisseurs. Certainly it's too early to say that L&M cigarettes are on the same popularity level as Marlboro and Camel, nevertheless this affordable brand is developing nowadays, adding new sorts to its production line. Alongside with classic, king size packs there appeared Slims line, which made L&M suitable even for women, wishing to look stylish while smoking.
  • Newport - Newport cigarettes have been a popular brand of menthol cigarettes in the U.S. for decades. Newport cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular with smokers as states continue to increase cigarette taxes. Their selection of flavors ranging from full to light can appeal to even the most sophisticated of smokers.
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